Day 36 or 2nd week of MidFall, Perils on the Borderlands

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Current roster–

PCs: Arden of Granden Vale (fighter), Corwin (magician), Thane (dwarf), and Martin (cleric)

NPCs: Handsome Brune, Meklin R’bonic, Catamont Beerling, Goat Bentley, and Egg Barkley

Several days pass as the Company rests and resupplies.

Martin begins purchase of lumber for the new church in Coop’s Mill (village near the Keep). The millers have all heard of Arden and Company’s rescue of the woodsmen from the wood elves. They will offer cured lumber to Martin for the church at a fair price.[Note–I have no idea how much coin or time this will take, but I see Martin putting much of his treasure into the work]. Martin gives them 5 gold pieces. It will go a long way in buying material for the church.

Aside from drinking his fill at the Tavern, Thane spends a couple days relaxing at the blacksmith’s forge. Hammering on heated iron helps him to ease his troubled mind. The last outing to the Caves was a setback. As he works the iron, he thinks about what the Company could have done differently. During his time at the forge, he makes another set of caltrops.

Arden has paid all the bills. The men-at-arms are costing the Company 2sp per day, adventuring or not. In addition, the room and bar tab for his companions is growing. They are each sharing a private room, and eating and drinking at the tavern. 2sp a day for each of them is about right. Silver is the only remedy for this. The Caves beckon, but first Arden wants to make a few forays into the surrounding countryside to track down the bandits that stole their horses. He will give Corwin time to recharge and study a new spell.

Corwin begins his magical studies at the Keep. The castle wizard, Florian, has made a deal with Corwin and has given the magician time to study his spellbook. [Note–Corwin is 3rd level and should have learned two new spells. I’ve ruled that spell resources are limited at the Keep. Corwin will write Florian’s web spell into his own book and save the other slot until he has spoken once more with the bank clerk (another magician). If other spells become available…such as an enemy spellcaster’s spellbook is recovered, then Corwin will be able to write those spells into his book with time, coin, and an ability check.]

More to come….

4 thoughts on “Day 36 or 2nd week of MidFall, Perils on the Borderlands

  1. So is the party planning to venture forth without its wizard? When the silver runs low I guess you have to do what you have to do, but I’d think they’d be wary of heading after bandits without their secret weapon.


    1. Yeah, I think Arden may want to rethink that. I hope that Arden decides to just do a little scouting of the area while Corwin is indisposed. I think I’ll let the miso dice decide for him.


      1. That said, a good band of archers is probably a lot more effective above ground than in the cave, so it may not be as dangerous as it sounds. Especially if they can manage an ambush.


      2. Arden had quite a few archers last time they went to the Caves, but they all rolled so poorly that he’s given up on the idea! It’s too expensive to keep a squad of archers with them. At least the Castellan will loan the Company 12 archers next foray into the Caves. Lol.


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