Day 5 of my coding life…

I put in a lot of time tonight. I understand some of the pieces of the puzzle, but it always feels like someone took one piece away when I wasn’t looking.

I read a great article about the fallacy of motivation. It seems that motivation will only get you so far. The thing that gets you there is persistence…setting good habits and digging in when you don’t feel like doing anything.

I’m really happy with the amount of time I’m able to put into study. If I get up just a wee bit early tomorrow to code, I am starting a new habit that will pay off. Slowly I want to increase this time from 15min at the keyboard to 1 hour each morning. This combined with another evening session will get me in shape to do this thing.

I’m still hitting a brick wall on some parts of the lessons. I had to check out the forums for advice and managed to see my errors. Today I went back and rewrote the code from scratch for a quiz and it worked out just fine.

More later…

Things accomplished today….

  1. I made a new gmail account (much more professional sounding than the yahoo mail account I’ve had forever. Evidently yahoo extensions tag you as old and out of the loop!
  2. Join GitHub
  3. Worked on Udacity tutorials (JavaScript)
  4. Joined freecodecamp (Thanks, Paul for the tip. My son reminded me that he had given me the same advice! I’m glad I have smart people in my life…

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