Recap since Session 12

The Bloodhawks, our adventuring company at Hawk Hill, has been engaged in the clearing of hexes surrounding the fort. Their greatest challenge thus far, has been a band of ogres two miles to the north. It took the PCs several forays and much planning to rid the area of the evil ogres. Other victories included a clan of werewolves and a tribe of goblins. Some of the humanoids had claimed this territory after the orc wars, twenty years ago.

Recently, the Bloodhawks have begun scouting the area north of Hawk Hill. They are looking for the abandoned dwarven trading post somewhere in the Chalk Hills. If normal relations between man and dwarf can once again be established, the trading post will be an important leg of the re-opened trade route.

In scouting to the north, the PCs have made contact with a roost of avian humanoids. There was a language barrier, but the PCs gave them some food and killed a wild man that was hostile towards the creatures. The PCs also found the entrance to the trading post. It is under control of a group of wild men and possibly giants (based on debris strewn near the entrance).

The Bloodhawks have been given a lease to use the fort at Hawk Hill. The Duke of Granden Vale has authorized this himself under the condition that the PCs begin improvements on the fortress.

There have been a few sessions since I last posted (Session 12). Nothing but pure, unadulterated laziness on my part is to blame for lack of notes here. Hope to post more soon.