Session 13 Back to the Ancient Academy

Session date: 10-31-2021

Game time: 9th month of the Common Year 321

Tagg, Amell, and Narn, along with their henchmen travel to the ruins of the Ancient Academy. It is secluded in the Kingswood along the road leading from Stone’s Throw.

The party has been here before. The last time they were here, they killed and captured a bandit gang.

As they enter the ruins today. Things have changed. Goblins and bandits have been replaced by skeletons, an evil priest, and thugtoads.

Amell and his companions encounter these monsters in an underground chapel. They defeat the creatures, but take some damage. Later while exploring another dungeon corridor, Oskar is gravely injured by an arrow. The party had encountered a couple wererats, killing one. The other skulked away after shooting Oskar. The henchman still lives, but will need rest at Hawk Hill.

More to come…