Here will be an account Doug’s Odnd Nolenor Campaign on Roll20, in which I play Sir Ambrose Rennart, level 5 knight.

We are a group of friends that meet on Roll20 almost every weekend. I checked my profile on Roll20 and it states that I joined in March, 2014. Nearly five years online, gaming with a goofy bunch of guys all around my age. Somewhere along the line, we christened our group the Fatbeards. It’s been a wonderful outlet for me and I look forward to the times we get together. My friend, Kevin, remarked how having some journal of our campaign would add cohesiveness to the game. I think that is a great idea and in that spirit I am starting a player’s journal. It will list the npcs we’ve met and the places explored. I’m thinking of writing it through the eyes of one of my characters. I’m not sure where this journal will eventually reside, but here is as good a place as any for now.

November 29th, EY632, the town of Frostmark

Yesterday, Imric, Roger, and I returned from the south where we dispatched an evil knight and his bear men-at-arms. The villain’s sword is to be taken to the temple of Soldra for the high priest Sunamel to examine. It is my intention to have it destroyed.

This evil knight also had a heavy crossbow that Imric believes to be enchanted. I took the weapon to the archery grounds and found to my astonishment that it reloads bolts immediately after firing. It will increase the speed of firing it greatly. This will be a great boon to our company. The range of a crossbow is quite far.

In my endeavors to find lodgings suitable for Lady Rennart, I have made some enquiries in Frostmark. I had intention of buying a residence in town to demolish and build new, but the lady of the house was in fact the caretaker of the orphanage. Nine young waifs were in the small house. Lady Rennart will go to the market to buy provisions for them and I have offered a crew of carpenters a goodly sum to begin an addition to the lady’s house. Unfortunately for the new sage of Frostmark, I had to hire his construction crew. I decided to make amends for this by gathering a group of laborers at the Drunken Troll and paying them a fair wage. They will start on the Sage’s new house in the morning or maybe a little later than this due to the previous night’s revelries.

One other item of note, I did encounter the man-at-arms and the theater performers who we saved yesterday. I shall return their fine clothes and the silverware that the knave Draco had stolen from them. We are still enriched by his purse of platinum, and have five solid warhorses.

A Jaunt to the South

The journal of Sir Ambrose Rennart, November 28th, EY632

A week has passed since our company returned to Frostmark. Today, Imric, Roger, and I journeyed to the south in the hopes of visiting the hobbit village once again. A short ride southward to the Unseemly Wench tavern was uneventful. The day was cold but the sun improved our spirits. Riding west of the Wench, we encounterd a covered wagon of performers and their guard. They were in flight from some varlets

We followed their tracks to the south and met these blackguards. The leader was a human wearing black plate mail and wielding an evil blade. His minions were bear men. They all rode heavy warhorses.

Imric cast a spell to cause all of the bear men to slumber. The evil knight charged me and I dispatched him with Roger the warden’s aid.

I was injured by the varlet, but Roger dispatched him with his handaxe. We decided to turn back to Frostmark with the horses and remains of the knight. We brought the knight’s sword back to Frostmark, believing it to be profane in nature. Perchance the priests in the Temple of Soldra may help us to destroy it.

Return to Frostmark

The journal of Sir Ambrose Rennart, November 21st, EY632

We have returned to Frostmark without further difficulties. The remains of Murdeer have been returned for a proper burial. I have found no dwarven clerics within Frostmark, but the Temple of Soldra will suffice.

Splitting our great fortune with all members of the party results in several thousand gold per man. I have hired carpenters and stonemasons to build a fitting manor for Lady Rennart. If she cannot have my company, she will at least live in comfort. I have many years before hanging my shield over the mantle, if I am fortunate to survive.

Soon our company shall travel north towards the mountains with a contingent of soldiers. The Troll Keep will be repaired and will provide a base for further forays into the mountains.

I must remember to ask the new sage in Frostkeep about a creature known as the cockatrice. The alchemist will pay gold for the feathers.

Our company grows larger.

The journal of Sir Ambrose Rennart, November 20th, EY632

In the foothills, northwest of Frostmark–Imric the elf and Roger the warden have returned to our camp with a surprise. While running from the giant camp, Imric grabbed a large sack. He was much surprised to find a bound and gagged hobbit inside. The hobbit introduced himself to the party. He is called Domino Burglefats Dewfoot and he is nearly as wide as he is tall. He was captured by the giants while scouting the area with his cousin. Unfortunately his cousin was eaten by the same giants. Burglefats, being down on his luck has joined our company for the meanwhile. He hails from the south, near Greendale. Roger the warden comes from Greendale, so the two have something in common.

We continued our journey to the Chaotic Caves. Roger met an old man coming down out of the hills. He said his name was Galador and had a brief conversation with the warden, warning him of giants making residence in the caves. As he left the warden, the old man turned into a gold dragon and flew to the southwest.

We came upon the Caves later that day. Burglefats and Roger scouted ahead. There was sign of giants camping in the old temple and we decided to steer clear of that area. Instead we moved farther to the west looking to enter the bandits hideout. Roger and Burglefats explored the area and found a stream and a cave.

Exploring the cave, we encountered lizard men and a giant lizard. After intense battle, we killed the lizard king and his warriors. Murdeer the dwarf was killed in action. We shall return his body to Frostmark for a proper burial. Murdeer had recently been raised from the dead. It is my opinion that he no longer had the will to live, rushing headlong into the lizardman’s stone axe.

I, myself, near lost my life in the struggle. I shall instruct my men to carry spare shields so I might have an extra when my is shattered. We gained little coin, but several dozen rough gems. I’m saddened to see good men fall, but we have gained much fortune today.

Sacking the Giants!

The journal of Sir Ambrose Rennart, November 19th, EY632

I write these few lines as we wait in the cold, huddling around a small fire somewhere in in the foothills many miles east of the Struhn River. Our warden encounter a band of giants and unknown humanoids. We have not seen him since. The giants chased him and we recovered two large sacks of coins from their camp. Imric stayed behind to look for our warden and we wait in hope of seeing them both return safely. I hope the giants have not found our trail.

In the city of Frostmark

The journal of Sir Ambrose Rennart.

We have recently returned from the north, along the road that leads over the Twisted Mountains to the capital city of Brynn. Along the foothills just two days north of Frostmark, our company discovered a ruined fortress. I shall call it Troll Keep for now, due to its occupants. We secured the fortress with no loss of life. Enemy casualties were heavy. No survivors among the band of orcs and trolls. We freed a captive, a gnome merchant and alchemist named Nat Greentooth. He said he came from Greendale, but it is not known to me.

Our great success in liberating the fort has continued in our recent meeting with Sir Will, the lord of Frostmark. He has given us coin to garrison a dozen soldiers at Troll Keep. This will give our company a base from which to explore the surrounding land and clear it of dangers to travellers. Soon we shall return to Troll Keep with a company of soldiers and supplies.

The alchemist in Frostmark, an odd fellow named Zoffee, is in need of cockatrice scales and will pay our company handsomely for recovery of these. I know little to nothing of this creature, but was warned that its bite may turn flesh to stone. While in the territory to the north, we shall keep this in mind.

[Note–this last session of our Nolenor campaign really energized me. The lord of Frostmark gave us funds to outfit the keep and hire more men. I started to think about the immediate needs of establishing a garrison at the fort and began making a list of supplies and estimated costs. It was a fun part of the game for me that I don’t often get to do. Take a look at the list and make some comments on what you would bring.]