The Drunken Pony Inn

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash


Carved in regal script in gilded letters, though showing signs of age, hangs the sign of the Drunken Pony Inn. The locals have a chuckle when they look at it, for the pony looks more dead than drunk…maybe he’s just dead drunk. Anyhow, that is why the Drunken Pony Inn is called the Dead Pony by the locals of Bree.

The owner, a dark eyed beauty with temper to match her name is Mya Stormcrow. She runs square house and will not suffer fools gladly. The inn is a prominent feature in the town of Bree. The food is good and the beer is cold.

Cheap meal.......5 cp           Lodgings (common room)....5 cp/night
Standard meal....1 sp           Lodgings (shared room)....1 sp/night
Expensive meal...2 sp           Lodgings (private room)...2 sp/night

Mya has two full time staff….Sara Gumm, niece of Old Agnes Gumm, the town snoop, and Jess Mayweather, a pretty lass, quick witted and not afraid to slap an overbearing patron.

Over the mantle of the bar is a large brass buckle, at least a hand’s width. Mya tells patrons that it is an IOU left by a giant who also left a giant sized tab.

And that’s about it to setting up the “Dead” Drunken Pony Inn. In creating Mya, I also want to add some detail for her backstory. I’ll add three things and leave it at that.

Three things about Mya Stormcrow…

  1. She bears the tattoos on her arms of tribal peoples from the Outlands to the north.
  2. She carries a silver dagger rumored to be a gift from her ex-lover.
  3. It is also believed she killed her lover with the dagger.

Well, that is enough detail for the Inn at the moment. More details will emerge organically as the players interact with Mya and her staff.

Next time I will continue with Sheriff John Briarfoot and a few details of his office.


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