Session 9 ~ Into The Wizard’s Dungeon

We had a really enjoyable Roll20 session tonight. I asked the Fatbeards to play for a short session. Being a weeknight, I didn’t want to play for hours. We managed to cover a lot of ground and had four combat encounters all in that short time! This is really a testament to Whitebox Dnd and rules light systems. You can catch up on our Fatbeards Roll20 game, the Thirty Years Reuel campaign, by clicking here.

Campaign Notes ~ Thirty Years Reuel

I’ve just added some notes on our latest campaign session (click here). Included is a journal entry by my friend, Joe. He is playing the Falmedian warrior named Narn. I was thrilled to see this happen. It means a lot to me to see the players having fun and wanting to add to the world. This makes the campaign world much more memorable and I hope to see more shared stories as we go along.