A Gazetteer of Reuel

Thirty Years Reuel ~ a Gazetteer

This document will detail the people, places, and events that the player characters experience during gameplay. Only common knowledge and information uncovered during the game will be posted here.

Current Events in Granden Vale

12/12/321 ~ the entire company of Bloodhawks enters the Ancient Academy. They are hoping to finish Moloch, once and for all. They find two dwarves holed up in a room. The dwarves (Karst and Klinker) are looking for their companions, separated during a skirmish with hobgoblins. The party also discovers a gladiator arena and two imprisoned Neanderthals (Yg and Nog).

Locating an entrance to the 2nd level through in a well room, the party descends. They fight a couple wererats and in chasing them, run across a troop of hobgoblins. It was a difficult battle, but in the end, the hobgoblins fell. The party decides to rest in one of the dungeon rooms.

12/10/321 ~ Amell and Tagg investigate the Ancient Academy for signs of Moloch and the Cult of Orcus. They explore a secret room in the crypt. It leads to a priest’s chambers where a ghoul is feasting on a recently killed cultist. They destroy the foul creature. Tagg finds a dwarven war-hammer (it turns out to be +1 magic). The party also discovers a room of giant bees. Aliah accompanies Amell. He learns that she is proficient with the shortbow, shield, and handaxe. She also has the ability to read signs of good or ill omens.

12/8/321 ~ One week after the attack on Wayfaring, Bishop Anne de Santi blesses the new bell. She gives Tagg a holy symbol with continual light cast upon it, a scroll of holy spells, and some blessed ammunition (sling stones and one heavy crossbow bolt). Sir Ingram commends the party and sends some livestock to Hawk Hill as a reward.

12/2/321 ~ One day after the attack on Wayfaring, Amell scouts the forests north and east of the village in an attempt to find tracks of the wildmen. He encounters two wildmen chasing a young woman. Amell rescues the girl and returns to Wayfaring. She is Aliah Stormcrow and was a captive of Logarth, a wildman hero. She learns that Amell killed Logarth.

12/2/321 ~ Martin and Ludicrous investigate the Ancient Academy for sign of Moloch. They take Duncan, Dirk, and Sgt. Garland. They encounter Thugtoads and Sgt. Garland is killed.

12/1/321 ~ Bishop Anne has come to Wayfaring to bless the new church bell. Wildmen attack in the north of town, burning and slaughtering villagers. Moloch and his cultists (Cult of Orcus) attack the church. An troop of undead knights and skeletal warriors ride in from the east. The Bloodhawks thwart the attack and with the help of Sir Ingram’s knights, defeat the attackers. Moloch escapes.

11/24/321 ~ Amell and Tagg explore the Ancient Academy. They encounter skeletons in the crypts and also a wildman hero (Logarth). Tagg casts hold person and Amell kills the warrior. His allies (Moloch and a small group of cultists flee).

11/321 ~ Repair of the church roof has been completed. Narn has given 100sp for this.

10/321 ~ scouting to the northeast uncovers Sor Holsteadd, the dwarven trading outpost. It is guarded by wildmen. Aaracokra are encountered. Possible allies?

10/321 ~ Marlin kills Hexenia the witch in the King’s wood.

9/321 ~ wildmen in the south and goblin’s in the northwest threaten the Bloodhawks and are defeated.

8/321 ~ a clan of lycanthropes are defeated south of Hawk Hill.

6/321 ~ the Bloodhawks defeat a small band of ogres to the north.

4/321 ~ The Bloodhawks begin clearing the area around Hawk Hill.

4/321 ~ the PCs discover a passage into caverns far below Hawk Hill. They explore, finding among other things, a fungi grotto and a cave roper, which they defeat.

4/321 ~ The PCs explore the wizard’s tower at Hawk Hill and find/destroy a bound demon in the cellar.

4/321 ~ the Bloodhawks travel to Eggleston to petition Sir Ingram for the permission to use Hawk Hill as their base. Tagg returns stolen candlesticks, recovered from Burly Bill, to Father Cecil.

3/321 ~ Hawk Hill is recovered by the PCs. Burly Bill, the bandit leader, was killed at Hawk Hill by the PCs. Tobias Hatch was hanged 18 years ago. Recently his treasure was found by Amell and Narn.

3/321 ~ Narn, Ludicrous, and Amell explore the Ancient Academy. They encounter a bandit gang, killing and capturing many of them.

3/321 ~ Amell is hired by Gerrard Reeve to keep the village safe, roust unsavory types at the tavern, and watch for bandits.

People, Places, and Things


The Ancient Academy is located north of Stone’s Throw about 6 miles. Built long ago, this was a school for scribes and learned persons. The buildings were razed during the orc wars. Now it has become a hiding place for bandits and evil cultists.


Chattering, popn 800, is a village ruled by Sir Ingram.

The Tasty Yam is a tavern.


Eggleston, town of Sir Ingram, popn 1500

Sir Jennings, knight who visited Hawk Hill

Rook’s Roost Inn ~ PCs stayed here

Nyles the blacksmith. His son Gage is working at Hawk Hill

St Martin’s

Fr Cecil ~ Tagg and Narn returned stolen candlesticks to him, introduced them to Sir Ingram

Nilburn the magic-user, will trade magical scrolls and spells, interested in rare spell components.


Granden Vale is ruled by Duke Alfred Yardley. He has been the duke for 20 years. His father was killed in the orc wars. Duke Yardley resides in High Gate.

Lord Henry Shally, High Sheriff of Granden Vale, aging knight, wears a wig, has a sword named Greenwing

Her holiness, Bishop Anne de Santi, mid 40s, first woman bishop in the county of Granden Vale, installed five years ago (326 CY), popular with younger clergy, mixed feelings amongst old clergy, she is a reformer with new ideas.

The human-dwarven relations have been strained since the orc wars. The previous duke (Duke Aldus Yardley, father of the current duke) had insulted the dwarven ambassador for not doing more to stop the advancing orc hordes. The dwarves were nearly overrun by the number of orcs and had fought desperately to keep their kingdom. Recently diplomatic relations have resumed between the kingdoms.


Hawk Hill was once an important defense on the east border of Granden Vale. It fell into disuse after being overrun during the orc wars in 301 CY. Recently it is under repair and control of the Bloodhawks.

Thalifax the wizard once lived here. His tower remains.

Throckmorton is a gargoyle at Hawk Hill.

The giant goat herd at Hawk Hill is tended by shepherds hired by the Bloodhawks.


Stone’s Throw, small farming village on the east edge of Granden Vale, popn 300, local lord is Sir Ingram. Nearby is the White River which flows from the Chalk Hills on the foothills of the Five Kings.

Gerrard Reeve, representative of Sir Ingram for the village of Stone’s Throw

Father Morris, parish priest at Stone’s Throw

Sister Margaret and Sister Lorena work in the hospital

Old Rollen the cottager, poor eyesight, lives in a cottage on church grounds.

Ox and Plow is an alehouse inn, Madi Alewife proprietor. Milly is her daughter.

Tobias Hatch, the infamous bandit, was hanged at the bridge near Stone’s Throw in 303 CY.


Wayfaring, popn 200, is a village ruled by Sir Ingram.

Sleeping Mouse Tavern ~ tavern keeper, ruddy faces, sideburns

Fr Lomax, young parish priest

Reeve Presley (not Elvis)

Bishop Anne came to Wayfaring in 12/321. Moloch’s (cult of Orcus) attempt to assassinate her was thwarted by the Bloodhawks.