This really happened!

Let me set the scene for you. Our Roll20 game tonight begins in the village of Larm. We are using the Labyrinth Lord Original Edition Characters rules. Three players with these characters; cleric, elf, and magic-user. We hire a man to take us upstream to an evil temple and we also hire a man-at-arms. He claims to be a expert crossbowman, but we didn’t get a chance to find out.

Sitting in our rowboat, coming up to an island. On the edge of the riverbank to the east of us is a lone orc. He has his bow ready and wins initiative. Before we can react, the orc fires an arrow into our rowboat at an random target. It is our man-at-arms. He is wearing padded armor. The orc hits with plenty to spare and does 6 points of damage, killing the man-at-arms instantly. He falls overboard as our elf returns fire.

The elf hits the orc but doesn’t kill him. At the same time, the magic user is fishing the dead man-at-arms out of the river. The boatsman rows us to the island and we get make ready to take cover in the trees.

Next round the orc wins again, hitting the cleric for 4 points but not killing him. The elf returns fire killing the orc. We can hear the shouts of more orcs coming to the river’s edge. The magic user begins fishing out his scroll. The rest of us take cover.

The magic user has a scroll of animate dead that he found in the evil temple last session. He uses it on the man-at-arms. The orcs arrive on the scene.

The magic user commands the newly undead man-at-arms to stay back and fire his crossbow at the orcs across the river. The rest of us are running for the cover of the trees.

One of the orcs fires at the undead man-at-arms, hits him and does 6 points of damage. The man-at-arms drops again, second time he’s been killed in just two attacks on him! Needless to say, it was one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever witnessed in 40 years of gaming! We are definitely going to need more hirelings!