The Five Kings


The Five Kings is a range of five mountains named for the great dwarven kings of old. It is the centerpiece of my new campaign world. The forest just south of the Five Kings is the northern reaches of the kingdom of Irie. At the edge of this forest is where I will place the Keep on the Borderlands. To the northeast are the uplands with Falmead and its forested hills. Arden and Company are nestled along the eastern edge of this wilderness. The town of Bree lies to the south of this forest a day or two of travel.

To the northwest lies the small kingdom of Ren Cele and below it is a great lake fed by the Five Kings. The western edge of the map holds the Desert of Kos. Within this great cold desert is the city-state of Mathos, ruled by the Triumvirate of Wizards.

It is my first attempt at coloring and drawing in this style. I’ll add labels and more content as time goes on.

More to come…