Kingdoms as Characters [Using Pits & Perils]

Photo by Marc Marchal on Unsplash

Here is an idea I am playing with. It is nothing new, but I want to use the Pits & Perils rules to focus it for my campaign.

Each kingdom has two abilities as advantages and one as a disadvantage. These characterize the nation.

Strength–military might, fighting prowess, well funded armies and/or navies
Intelligence–higher learning, libraries, better technology
Wisdom–strategic thinking, planning, good decision-making
Dexterity–ability to mobilize quickly, nomadic people, quick to organize
Constitution–hard to kill, quickly rebound from adversity, toughness
Charisma–diplomatic, leadership roles in groups

Example…the dwarven kingdom of Irendall is led by a conservative king. They are a tough people but sometimes allow the lure of gold to take precedence over other matters. The kingdom is small in size but has strong defenses and are quick to respond to threats within its borders.

I will give the kingdom the advantages of constitution (tough people) and dexterity (quick to respond within their borders). They will have the disadvantage to wisdom (gold and nationalism get in the way of seeing the big picture at times).

So…The Dwarven Kingdom of Irendall will have these stats.

The Dwarven Kingdom of Irendall
Dexterity and Constitution (+1 each), Wisdom (-1)

These stats will be useful in determining how each nation responds to events that will occur during the year…such as floods, famines, political unrest.

Saving throws and/or combat rolls can be made for events. The result will help me as DM to determine what will occur and how well the nation has responded to an event.

Perhaps each nation can be given hit points or even character classes and levels to reflect their strengths.

Needs quite a bit of work yet, but I wanted to see if anyone out there has some thoughts on the matter and how they might use something similar to this in their game.

What do you think?

I would love to get some comments on this!

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