Naming Conventions and Time

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

I was never really comfortable coming up with new names for months, and it didn’t feel right to use the common names for a fantasy world.

So, this is my compromise…not to have any names. What?!

Here’s what I’m going to try. Instead naming each month individually, I will use the seasons and adjectives to name specific times of the year.

March, April, and May will be early spring, mid spring, and late spring
June, July, and August will be early summer, mid summer, and late summer
September, October, and November will be early fall, mid fall, and late fall
December, January, and February will be early winter, mid winter, and late winter

So instead of a message from the king stating Sir Kevin must attend the council meeting on October 5th, it would read the 1st week of mid fall.

Well, it sounds a little more medieval anyway!

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