Perils on the Borderlands, Day 7-8

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Continuing my Pits & Perils solo play using Keep on the Borderlands.

Day 7

Morning–the party breaks camp and travels back to the Keep. The bandit leader’s body is brought along for identification (and possible reward?)

Question–Does the bailiff of the Keep know of this bandit leader? d10 yes, d6 no, result=No, he does not recognize the man.

Question–Is there a reward for the bandit chief’s capture/death? d10 yes, d6 no, result=Yes! The merchant guild has placed a bounty on bandit groups in the area. I rule that since the bandit leader has not been positively identified, the reward will be less. Reward is 1d6x10 sp. Result=4, so 40 silver pieces for the bandit’s head.

The bailiff has the scribe pay the bounty. The scribe will later receive funds from the merchant guild.

Payment for the hirelings is 1 silver piece per day (total of 14 silver pieces).

Roll for rations, pay inn keeper, and have a feast! This means 7 sp for lodgings and food, and 7 more for extra food and drink (feast).

Evening is spent telling of the adventure, drink, good food, then well deserved rest. Corwin studies his spellbook, Martin prays. All PCs and NPCs are at full health.

Question–Does the evil cleric from the Keep introduce himself to the party? I rolled a d6 (yes or no die). Result=”No, and…”  Martin hears from some tavern patrons that the cleric seems strange…

Day 8

Arden will sell his leather armor to the trader for 50% of its value. [Note-I later realize this is a mistake. Arden later had to buy some leather armor for a new hireling!]

Thane will attempt to alter the chainmail for Arden. I decide that if 2d6=7+ then the dwarf has been successful. He is a blacksmith by trade. If fail, I figure the Keep’s blacksmith can alter it for 5 sp. Thane rolls a 9. Success!

Martin will ask the curate about the wandering priest. Corwin will rest.

Question–Does the curate know of the wandering priest? Result=He tells Martin that he knows little of him, but to be careful. Martin’s curiosity is piqued…

Arden will purchase waterskins for the men-at-arms and for Catamont. He will also buy three spears and two shields, 29 sp. Each PC chips in. Arden is down to 2 sp and 2 cp. They’ll need to find the Caves of Chaos soon. Tomorrow they will foray again.

The party stays at the inn. Lodgings plus food/drink at the tavern will total 7 sp.

The corporal of the guard is at the tavern tonight. He and Thane the dwarf discuss armor, smithing, and fighting. They get on well and Thane is no longer viewed with suspicion by the corporal. The corporal tells Thane that he has heard, “Breeyark is the goblin words for ‘we surrender’.”

Tomorrow Arden and the party will once again venture in search of the Caves of Chaos.

More soon…



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