G+ Exodus

No doubt you have heard about Google+ shutting it down by this time next year. It was a curious time to be watching the reactions of my fellow G+ users. There was a momentary pause and then…boom!…most of us pulled up stakes and headed over to MeWe. There’s been discussion among some folks about if this is the best choice, but it seems that a unwashed horde of OSR barbarians swooped down on MeWe and carved out a space.

I am one of those savages, looking for a new land to build on. I like what I’ve seen of MeWe so far. I’m starting to see some familiar faces over there and reconnect and making new connections as well.

The chat feature has been a new novelty for me. I’m talking to more folks and having a good time with it. The problem with G+ and me (regarding posting) is that I often felt reluctant to post…leaving it for those in the know. I don’t consider myself an expert on much of anything…old age doesn’t make you wiser, I guess. Just makes your back start to hurt.

Anyhow, the move to MeWe has re-invigorated me. I will continue to keep writing on my blog and work on my Perils on the Borderlands. Someday, maybe I’ll get back into some kind of DIY publishing. Who knows?

If you want to connect with me on MeWe, I’ll be at

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