Thursday Game Club

Photo by Lea Böhm on Unsplash

This is the fourth meeting of our school game club in which we have played Tiny Dungeons 2e. This simple rules game most closely followed the dice games that I’ve taught the students in our math class. The mechanics of rolling x number of d6’s and counting any 5’s or 6’s. The students take to it like a duck to water.

We’ve been exploring the Ancient Academy by Stuart Robertson. This is a one page dungeon with very brief room description. It is a great dungeon crawl that works well for the rules lite gaming that I’m playing.

My players, all of them my students, explored the depths of the abandoned academy. They played a karhu (grizzly bear), a human sorcerer, and a goblin. The party made some inroads into the dungeon and encountered a pair of wandering dwarves who were looking for their brothers. Other creatures encountered were a squad of goblins (that the sorceror cast sleep upon), a giant spider, poisonous centipedes, zombies, a crypt thing, and a pair of nasty robber flies.

The kids worked their way through the dungeon using their abilities rather well. One kiddo was playing a goblin and he encountered a group of evil goblins. Instead of fighting, he used his charisma and bluffed them into joining with him! They had a couple dwarves tied up and the player sent the group out of the room to meet with his friends. It was funny, but the other players were surprised by a band of goblins walking into the other room!

Play went smoothly and the combats were fun. It was interesting to see how the kids roleplayed several of the encounters. If I forgot how a rule worked, I just made a ruling on the fly and away we went.

One of the PCs lost his halberd to a rust monster. The game notes stated it was dead, but I didn’t read it correctly. It was all the better for my mistake. The only thing I wish the kids would have done was explore the arena area better and encounter the two neanderthals imprisoned there. I’m a bit nostalgic about this part of the adventure. My son was exploring this same dungeon many years ago. He met up with neanderthals and freed them. They became henchmen for him! Who knows, maybe the kids will return to the arena and do that.

Stay tuned…more to come…

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