Day 77 ~ Assault on the Temple of Evil

Arden and Company ride out of the Keep on the Borderlands on Day 77 in the 3rd week of Late Fall.

Corwin rides quietly along. The night before he imbibed the potion of prophecy given to him by Aster of the fairies. His dreams are a mix of dark dungeon scenes and walking dead. Corwin sees black armored men and dark robed adepts. An evil looking priest in red robes is waving his arms in ritual. This and more does the magician see and Arden and Company are caught up in the thick of it. Zinnea, the missing fairie is nowhere to be seen. It is all quite puzzling for Corwin and has taken a toll on him. He rides quietly, trying to put all of it into words.

Encounters during travel on Day 77? No.

The company takes rest once again at the Overlook. Egg makes a hearty meal of fried bread and sausages. The company is quieter than usual, each man thinking about what the next day may bring. Arden, Thane, Martin, and Corwin discuss the visions that the magician had last night.

Encounters during the night? No.

They break camp early in the morning and ride to a spot near the caves where the horses are quartered. Egg provides bread, meat, and cheese for them all to eat during the ride. Arden is surprised when Egg declares that he will accompany them this time. “You may need a good cook!” he grins. They tie the horses to a picket line and feed them well.

Sgt. Tenning and 11 archers accompany them to the Caves of Chaos.

Day 78 At the entrance to the Shrine of Evil

An overwhelming feeling of evil emanates from the cave. A stone corridor 20’ wide runs north and south. Dim lamps hang in sconces. Thane listens carefully and decides to head south. The others follow carefully behind. Their footsteps echol off the highly polished floors even though they step lightly.

Thane listens at a door to the north. Another door is to his left. The dwarf hears nothing. Arden kicks the door open…it doesn’t budge. He tries a couple more times and finally gets it open. Inside are four evil acolytes. Arden, Thane, and Meklin rush in to fight them.

The acolytes fight with maces and wear chainmail under their robes. Battle ensues and Thane takes a couple hits, The noise f battle attracts 8 zombies from the south. Corwin casts a web spell across the corridor trying to block them. Two of the zombies are able to tear their way through the webs but the others are stuck. Egg, Catamont, and Meklin face the two zombies.

Corwin moves back to aid Arden.

Arden, Thane, and Martin are having a time trying to defeat the acolytes. Corwin casts another web spell catching three of the acolytes. Arden kills the other acolyte.

The battle alerts more cultists farther into the temple.The evil cleric begins gathering his undead horde to confront the attackers. 7 of the men-at-arms and 2 adepts run into the corridor to spot the company. Two crossbow men try to shoot Goat and Corwin. Corwin spends a luck point to keep from being hit. Corwin casts a fear spell and the 9 cultists flee.

The evil cleric, his 3 zombie bodyguards, 2 adepts, and 4 men-at-arms gather together. The cleric commands his undead horde to move ahead of them towards the PCs. 40 undead (20 zomies and 20 skeletons) shamble towards the PCs!

Thane throws down a line of caltrops and Egg pours oil on the floor near the entrance.

Martin confronts the undead horde as they turn the corner. He makes his save and causes them all to flee! [Pits & Perils rules state that if a cleric makes his save, all undead of the clerics level or lower are turned. ]

The evil cleric and his men-at-arms move cautiously around the corner, unnerved by all of the undead being turned. As they reach the line of caltrops, several of the company fire on them with longbows. One man-at-arms steps on a caltrop! And another is hit with an arrow.

Corwin races out of the caves to alert Sgt Tenning and the archers. Arden and the others flee the cave while Thane remains behind to light the oil.

Four of the men-at-arms jump the flames and take no damage (they all make their save). They run out of the caves and are met by a line of archers and Arden and Company all launching missiles at them. Two of them die and the other two retreat back into the cave, severely wounded.

Arden and Company make a hasty retreat back to the horses. They will need more help to defeat the cultists.

Game Notes~that was quite an adventure! There were a lot of things going on at the same time and it was uncertain how it would end. The PCs were outnumbered by far and Martin saved the day by turning the horde of undead.

In all, the company killed 4 acolytes, 2 zombies, and 2 men at arms. Many more await them next time.

More to come…

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