Beyond the Borderlands Play by Post

I’ve been busy setting the table for a new campaign on the Smoldering Wizards Forum. The campaign world is based on much of the content I’ve written in this blog.

Running a play-by-post is a great way for me to build on the campaign world. The play-by-post is using Whitebox rules, but I want the campaign world to be easily adaptable to other games (Pits & Perils in particular). I want to build a world filled with ideas, interesting people, places, and dangers just waiting to be explored.

My intention is to release finished pieces of it to my blog for use by others. I don’t think that making it into a commercial product is really my cup of tea. I can’t get past the constant drumbeat needed to promote anything commercially. It takes the fun out of what is meant to be a great hobby.

Who knows? I may write an adventure set in this campaign world and do a pay want you want online or publish a compiled version. But for now, I’m enjoying the chance to work on the campaign.

Here is a link to the current play by post game.

I can alway use a few more players. Take a look at it and see what you think. Hopefully it is a fun read.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Borderlands Play by Post

  1. Really fun stuff! I just saw this and am looking forward to reading more. The Keep on the Borderlands was a great module for me to try solo play. Thanks for reading! Your series of posts was one of my big inspirations to getting back into solo gaming after taking like a year off.


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