Reuel ~ Divergent Timeline

I’ve been thinking about the jumping off point for my Reuel campaign. I want to choose a time period when the mythic war of the gods takes place. I’m considering the 4th century BC. In particular circa 320’s BC at the death of Alexander the Great.

With doing this, I can create an alternate history with elements from classical Greek, Carthaginians, Celts, and Germanic tribes. My knowledge of ancient history is very limited, so researching this will be something to which I look forward. Looking at the world in the 4th century BC, I can also consider the ancient Egyptians and Kush, the Olmec empire and the Mayans in Central America, the Maurya Empire in Southeast Asia (which I know practically nothing about, but plan to learn more), and the Zhou dynasty in China.

My campaign will not span the globe, but taking into consideration these particular civilizations, I can use this as the jumping off point to start a divergent timeline. It will be an interesting problem to consider how these civilizations fared after the war of the gods.

Comments and ideas? Send them to me and thanks.

More to come,


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