Starting a Minimalist Campaign



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Welcome to my site. New year, new beginnings, and with new beginnings come new goals. This site will be a repository of campaign material, thoughts, and writing about role-playing games, specifically geared towards Pits & Perils. But don’t be alarmed! The resources here will be easily adaptable towards your game too. I’ve seen about every iteration of DnD and played them–from Basic through 4th. And each time a new version came out, the game grew more complex. The 5th edition is an attempt to alter course and get an old school feel, but I’m quite happy with the OSR and strongly prefer simple rules.

I hope you can find something to use in your game. Please contact me if you have questions or comments. In many ways, much of this feels new to me. I’m not an expert or any kind of authority. I make no claims, nor do I profess to be anything other than what I am…a simple fellow with a love of pen and paper role-playing.


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