The Dm Binder

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

When running an adventure, it is important for me to have some reference materials at hand. One thing I want is a list of names for people and places. These would be names for NPCs that I haven’t created beforehand. Putting a little time into this can make my time behind the screen easier. Pulling a name out of thin air can sometimes be hard to do and also may fit the flavor of the campaign world.

One of my favorite sites for name lists is Behind the Name. This site will work perfectly for naming npcs.

As a start, I will write down a couple dozen (some male, some female) for the start of my campaign.

For male names…Angus, Delroy, Gerard, Martin, Ogden, Rolf, and a bunch more. For female names…Adela, Doreen, Mallory, Ness, Rena, Val, and many others. Keeping this list nearby will help me come up with a suitable name for any Npc the adventurers meet.

So, for now, I will put this in my DM Binder.


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