Adventurers Wanted

My new campaign begins with a town. The town of Bree. Yes, I know there is a town called Bree in the Lord of the Rings novels, but this isn’t the same one. I just like the name.

I’m wanting Bree to be a home base for the PCs as they begin their adventuring careers. Bree is located on the border of the kingdom of Irie. To the north of Bree lies the Wilderlands, untamed and dangerous. To the west are the Five Kings, mountains named after the dwarven kings that mine below them. Southward is the county seat, a larger town called Haversham. Beyond that will be larger cities that I haven’t thought about yet.

The east is unknown territory yet. I do intend on placing the Silverwoods somewhere to the east. The Silverwoods is an ancestral home to the elves.

My main concern is to detail the town of Bree and a few areas for exploration near the town. With that, I began thinking about the town and the Sheriff. He is a hobbit by the name of John Briarfoot. Sheriff John is a retired adventurer who has settled down for a quieter life of semi-retirement. That is until recently, when goblins began lurking around the town and harassing the citizens and merchants. Sheriff John quickly placed a wanted notice and sent it southward to the larger towns and cities.

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3 thoughts on “Adventurers Wanted

  1. Enjoying this, please keep working on it. Strangely, so far this mirrors something I started a few months ago myself.


    1. Thanks! This will be a new campaign for me, so I’ll continue to add content as it grows. I feel that it will grow organically from the direction my players take it. That usually ends up being the most fun for players and DM. I guess the village nestled on the edge of the wilderness is common starting place. I hope that my campaign isn’t too vanilla, but I kinda like that setting anyway.


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