Simplified Religion

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

In a minimalist campaign, it serves me well to keep the pantheon of gods simple. Here are three gods that I will use in my new campaign. I can’t recall how many hours I’ve spent trying to come up with a pantheon of gods to represent various aspects of the world. Those days are over! Three is plenty and I’m done! Well, not completely…I do want to add a few saints and servants of chaos here and there to spice things up. But that is for later. For reference, I will consult Pits & Perils author James and Robyn George’s manuscript.

Three deities and their tenets for my Bree Campaign.

Eos, the One Light


Tenets of Eos (lawful)

  1. One Spirit. All are connected to Eos.
  2. One Path. One cannot follow two paths (nor serve two masters).
  3. One Journey. The beginning, the path, the return. All make the Journey but take different paths and complete at different times.

Silvanus, the Green Man

Tenets of Silvanus, the Green Man (harmony, balance, and nature personified)

  1. In nature there is harmony and balance. [I will need more here, perhaps. Any suggestions?]


Orcus, God of Death

Tenets of Orcus (chaos and death personified)

  1. All light will someday be extinguished.
  2. Send your enemies to set your table. [The more enemies you defeat, the better your position in the Halls of the Dead.
  3. I am the shadow on the path. [Orcus is the monkey wrench in the machine of Eos.]



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