Sheriff John Briarfoot


Sheriff John Briarfoot is a hobbit. A very wise hobbit indeed, for he turned his back on the adventuring path long ago. Now, the sheriff enjoys a life of semi-retirement in the comfortable little town of Bree. There’s just enough action to give the sheriff something to do and plenty of down time to relax. When not chasing scoundrels and locking up drunks, he can be found in the Dead Pony Inn, sipping hard cider, and playing Ents and Dragons with Cornwall the Odd (more about him later).

Three things about Sheriff John

  1. He has a quite a large voice for such a small hobbit.
  2. Dresses in farmer’s clothes, but carries a silver medallion around his neck as symbol of his authority.
  3. Is never seen without his black walnut walking stick, which he gladly use to raise a knot on any deserving prospect’s noggin.

In game terms, the sheriff is a mid level (5 or thereabouts) hill dwarf with a tendency to use non-lethal combat if possible. The sheriff if need be, can fetch some enchanted chain mail and the spell bound rune blade (short sword) from his adventuring days.

The sheriff has two part-time deputies, Mutt Wilton and Geoff Flowers. They are competent enough, but need the sheriff’s leadership to do their best. If any real trouble were to occur in Bree, the sheriff would ask for help from the King’s men (about 6 or so garrisoned in town).

The sheriff’s office is also his dwelling. He lives on the second floor. The office has two jail cells. One of which is littered with bits of lettuce and carrot for his pet tortoise Sir Montague de Flors, “Monty”. A small lamp illuminates the office in a blue green light. Curious thing is that it never needs fuel nor gives off any heat.


4 thoughts on “Sheriff John Briarfoot

  1. By “In game terms, the sheriff is a mid level (5 or thereabouts) hill dwarf …” you mean that he is a hobbit who is as tough as a hill dwarf? Dig the write up, that ‘hill dwarf’ thing was the only piece that threw me. 🙂


    1. Hi Ron,
      The hill dwarf reference is from the Pits & Perils game that I am playing. Hill dwarf is a race that is version of hobbit or halfling. So, I’d say the terms are interchangeable in this campaign.


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