Perils on the Borderlands, Day 2

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

This being a continuation of my solo rpg experiment using Pits & Perils RPG, solo gameplay rules from the tiny solitary soldiers blog, and Sophia Brandt’s Miso RPG rules.

Day 2 at the Keep on the Borderlands

Questions I asked to begin the day;

Can Arden find used armor in town? I roll the die…3. Result is “No, but….” So no used armor, but new armor at full price can be found.

Can Martin find the chapel? Yes, but no one is there and it is closed for the day.

Can Corwin the magician find rumors about the area? No.

Rest of the day is spent wandering southeast of the the Keep, near the river. No sign of monsters.

Back at the Inn, Corwin pays for room and board for the two near hirelings. Corwin and Martin chip in to buy leather armor for Meklin the hireling.

In the afternoon, the party explores the forest north of the Keep and encounter a giant rhagodessa, lvl 4 attack 1, no damage on first hit, then 2 points automatically each round after, hit points 8). This creature is like a cross between a spider and a scorpion.

I check to see if Martin notices it lodged in the hollow of a tree in the dark area of the forest. Martin’s ability is wisdom and he does see it. The party attacks with surprise. I give the party -2 to hit it (dead tree acts as cover) and +1 for surprise attack.

Thane, Martin, and Arden all miss with missile weapons. The creature comes out of hiding and moves towards the party (no attack yet).

Arden strikes it with his greatsword (2 pts damage!) Martin smashes it with his two handed morning star (2 more pts!) The men-at-arms miss and so does Thane the dwarf.

The rhagodessa attacks but misses. Corwin warns the rest of the party to back away and casts a fire bolt…doing 6 points of damage! The creature is dead.

The party searches the creatures nest and only finds 9 copper pieces from a past victim. Corwin harvests the insects parts and poison glands to sell.

The party meets an NPC party moving through the woods. The reaction roll is neutral. They tell the party that they are looking for the Caves of Chaos and give them a rumor. “Bree-yark is Goblin for surrender.” (false).

Party returns to the Keep. Does Corwin find the trader’s shop? Yes. Does he sell the insect parts? No, and the trader tells him not to come back with any more monster parts!

I check for rations used and missile weapons, etc. For this I use the Black Hack usage die. In practice, I find it to be fun. It makes the bookkeeping of waterskin, rations, and arrows/bolts more of a mini-game and unpredictable.

I also rolled a dilemma die just for the hell of it. A 1…someone comes to the tavern tonight.

At the tavern are three mercenaries and the Baliff of the the outer bailey.

Question…Does one of the mercenaries want to fight? For this I used the Miso rules and gave both options a die. D10 for yes, d6 for no. Result was no.

Does the Baliff have a job for the party?  No.

Does a thief pickpockets? Yes! Random target is Arden. Thief rolls a 5 on 2d6 and fails to pick the fighter’s pocket. Arden grapples with the thief and grabs him in an arm lock. The Baliff helps subdue the thief. The watch is called and they take him away.

The Baliff is impressed with Arden’s actions (+1 reaction from Baliff to Arden). I make note of this.

Corwin takes an evening stroll and disposes of the Rhagodessa’s parts discretely.

So ends a busy Day 2 at the Keep on the Borderlands.

More soon.


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