Perils on the Borderlands, Day 3

Photo by Leah Huyghe on Unsplash

Continuing my Pits & Perils solo play using Keep on the Borderlands.

With dwindling funds, the party makes ready to explore the forest once more.

[Note–I wasn’t sure if any NPC in the Keep knew the exact location of the Caves of Chaos, so I decided the party would just set off in a random direction. A few forays into the wilderness might gain some valuable intelligence.]

Our party has grown since first arriving at the Keep.

Arden of Granden Vale, a fighter
Corwin the magician
Thane the dwarf
Martin, templar-in-training (cleric)
Melkin, man-at-arms
Handsome, man-at-arms

[Note, I don’t have high hopes for Handsome to last too long. My random hireling generator served him up with only 1 hit point! Melkin isn’t much better with 3 hit points! Argghhh!]

Day 3 finds the party up and out of the Keep early to continue exploring. I roll a d12 for a random direction, 12. They head north. I still don’t get the travel times in the module. The map shows 1 square = 100 yards, but says that a party can travel 2 squares of forest in 1 hour. So, that’s 200 yards per hour? Maybe if searching with a fine toothed comb.

Do they reach area 4, Hermit’s hideout? Yes! The hermit is home and is not surprised by the party.

Question. Does he talk first? 50/50 chance. No! I decide he hides in shadows and waits for his puma to attack from above. He then strikes.

The puma leaps down on poor unsuspecting Corwin the magician! It claws and bites him for a total of three hits! The hermit backstabs Arden the fighter. Hit! And does 3 points. I added a point of damage to reflect the module’s description of his mad fury.

Arden misses, but Thane hits (+1 for outnumbering puma) for 2 points. Melkin lands a blow to the hermit for 1 point. Corwin retreats! I don’t blame him.

The hermit attacks Arden again with his dagger…hit! 2 points. Arden returns the favor, hitting the hermit with his greatsword for 2 points. Martin wallops the puma with his morning star, 2 points. Hansome rolls a critical on the puma! Does 2 points and I rolled on Christopher Salvatore’s critical hit table. Result was, puma’s head grazed, loses next attack!

The hermit misses, Arden hits him for 2 points. Melkin hits the hermit for 1 point. Martin crushes the puma with 2 more points. Puma is DEAD! I roll morale and the hermit continues to fight…he’s mad, you know!

Arden and Martin finish him off shortly after.

I rolled search checks for all the of the party. Handsome Brune the man-at-arms finds the hermit’s hidden entrance to his tree. I make a wisdom check for Martin and he uncovers the hidden cache of loot. I was excited to see this happen but wanted the dice to determine the outcome.

The party finds 31 sp, 164 cp, a potion of invisibility (they still don’t know what it is), and a +1 dagger. They decide to skin out the puma. I figure the hide is punctured a bit and will bring 50% of the normal value. [Note-I am using the silver standard, so all prices and treasure found will be shifted to silver pieces. I’m doing this to give copper pieces a reason for being.]

Martin gives the hermit a proper burial and the party also buries the puma beside him. Martin heals Corwin for 5 points!

The party heads back to the Keep to celebrate their good fortune!

Treasure is divided among the four principals, and Corwin will keep the potion and the dagger for now. I almost forgot! The hermit had a magical ring of protection on him. Corwin doesn’t know if it is magical, but has Arden wear it.

Corwin pays the hirelings stay at the inn (2 sp) and drinks and eats are also bought for the hirelings with an extra 1 sp thrown in for more food (feast!) (3 sp). Thane the dwarf pays his debt of 1 sp back to Arden.

XP= 28 per PC.

Party rests at the inn for the evening. The next morning Arden is healed by Martin for 1 hp and rest gave him back 1 hp.

More soon…

4 thoughts on “Perils on the Borderlands, Day 3

  1. These are great, John, makes me want to play solo more! Did you consider pulling some rules from Scarlet Heroes? There is a nice section in there about solo games with some useful tables.


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