Perils on the Borderlands, Character Status


Here are the current roster of characters and NPCs in my solo Pits & Perils game of Keep on the Borderlands. I’ve omitted their mundane equipment, XP, and treasure.

Arden of Granden Hall, 2nd level fighter, chainmail, greatsword, ring of protection+1, HP 12/+3, Luck 2

Corwin, 2nd level magician, staff, dagger+1, robes of the adept (+1 protection), HP 6/+1, Luck 2, Spells: fire bolt, fear, call, has a familiar, “Nicodemus” cat.

Thane of Irendall, 2nd level dwarf, leather armor, shield, crossbow, handaxe, HP 11/+2, Luck 2

Martin, Acolyte of Eos, 2nd level cleric, chainmail, morning star, holy symbol, HP 10/+2, Luck 2

Melkin R’bonic, man-at-arms, missing fingers on right hand (-1 to shoot bow), HP 3/+3
Handsome Brune, man-at-arms, HP 1/+3
Catamont Beerling, indentured lantern bearer, freed from Keep’s dungeons by Arden, HP 5/+1

Honor Roll of Fallen Heroes

Alan Dori, man-at-arms, squire.
Alan was killed by an orc spear at the Caves of Chaos, Day 18 of Perils in the Borderlands.

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