Perils on the Borderlands, Days 15-17

Photo by Aldo De La Paz on Unsplash

Flush with treasure from their recent foray into the Caves of Chaos, the party looks for a merchant to sell the large gem taken from the kobold chieftain.

Corwin the magician’s secondary skill is merchant. He is the most apt person to sell the gem. I roll 2d6 to have Corwin appraise the gem. Result=10, so he knows it is worth about 1,200 sp.

The jeweler at the Keep offers Corwin 60% of this value (random roll) or 720 sp. Corwin laughs at this offer and counters with 1200 sp. The jewelry raises his offer to 90% of the total (another random roll), and Corwin takes it!

So each PC will get 270 sp and 135 xp for the sale of the gem. Note–I adjusted their XP to 184 xp in lieu of the selling price of the gem.

The PCs take their silver to the bank at the Keep. Corwin pays the banker 40 sp (remainder of what he owed for the robes) and buys the silk magician’s robes. These are robes of the adept (+1 protection). Normally I don’t want magic items for sale in my adventures, but in this case, it seemed appropriate.

At the Keep Bank….Arden deposits 200 sp (keeps 70 sp on his person), Corwin deposits 200 sp and keeps 30 sp, Martin will keep 27 sp (This is 10% of his treasure. He decides to tithe the rest to the Chapel of the Keep. The Curate of the Keep will receive 243 sp from Martin. Thane cashes in his 270 sp for 24 gold coins and 3 sp. (There was a fee for exchanging coins.) Thane doesn’t trust anyone to hold onto his treasure. The 24 gold coins will be easy for him to hide upon his person.

***This is an eventful day for the party. Each of the PCs has reached level 2.

Martin, Arden, and Thane all gain 2nd level, gain 2 hp and now have 2 Luck points each.
Corwin is also 2nd level, gains 1 hp, now has 2 Luck points, and 1 additional spell!

The Pits & Perils rules state that magicians learn one spell per level. I will play it that Corwin needs to find a higher level magician or a magical library to learn the spell. He decides to seek out the scribe from the bank.

The PCs will now pay the men-at-arms. Catamont gets nothing yet, since he is indentured to Arden for freeing him from his prison sentence. But Arden feels his has done a good job thus far and he will be rewarded something.

Meklin and Handsome each receive 1 sp per day (14 sp total).

The PCs pay for the feast at the tavern and stay at the Inn last night. I figure about 21 sp will take care it.

The PCs roll for hireling loyalty. Result= 3 and 6 without modifiers. All good! The hirelings are happy with the work so far.

Arden looks for two more archers.

Question–are any at the tavern? I rule it a 50/50 chance. Result=yes!

There are two men-at-arms here.

Alan Dori, hp4, quarterstaff, youthful, good citizen, clean shaven, farmer.

Jacob Scoggins, hp 2 leather, dagger, adult (criminal!)

The young lad seems hardy, but the older farmer not so much.

Question–Does Arden take Alan and Scoggins pass by?  d8 yes, d6 no. Result=yes!

Alan Dori is a squire out of work. His master was imprisoned for being a drunkard and a loud mouth. He was in the Keep jail, evidently he made the Castellan mad, but has since left the Keep. Alan has no equipment. His master fired him and took back his armor to pay his fines.

Next Arden goes to the provision and then the trader to purchase…

leather armor, 35 days of rations, a longbow, 50′ rope, 40 arrows, 20 bolts, 6 torches, 2 waterskins, a bedroll, a backpack, a flint & steel, a crossbow string, a bow string.

Total cost was 89 sp.

Arden gives Alan the bow and leather armor, plus some equipment.

Thane gets a crossbow string and 20 bolts.

Martin visits the Chapel to pray and speak to the Curate. The Curate is greatly impressed with Martin’s faith and offerings to the church. Martin gains favor with the Curate.
Question–Does the Curate speak to the Castellan about the PCs? I used the FU die. Result=5, yes!

Corwin speaks to the scribe of the bank about learning a new spell. Rolled FU die. The scribe is not interested! Bastard!

Thane the dwarf will spend the day repairing weaponry and armor of all the party that needs it. He also replaces the broken crossbow, using the one Arden bought.

Cost for the evening at the Inn…2 sp each for PCs…private rooms! 1 sp for each hireling…common room, and basic food/drink for all. Total = 12 sp.

All in the party now have fresh rations and supplies. They decide to stay at the Keep two more days so Martin can heal all PCs to full health.

Day 16–17 Corwin learns that an elf is an adviser to the Castellan and has magic skills.

PCs pay 24 more silver for their room and board.

Well, a lot of trading and resting up in preparation for exploring the Caves of Chaos once again.

More to come…



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