Perils on the Borderlands, Days 19-20

This being a continuation of my solo Pits & Perils game.

Day 19

Just outside the Caves of Chaos.

Arden and Thane cut some saplings to make a litter to carry the body of Alan. Morale is low even for the PCs. Arden is more worried about pursuing orcs than anything else at the moment.

Question–Do the orcs pursue the party? d10 no, d8 yes, result=No, not this time. Perhaps the magician’s powers have given them a reason to pause.

Two hours march to the road and then the group turns south. Without stopping for a meal, the party marches another 4 hours south and makes camp. Martin has healed Meklin during this time for 4 hit points.

The thought crosses Martin’s mind to have Alan raised from the dead. But this will not happen. The cost would be prohibitive and even if the party did have the funds, there’s not a holy man of sufficient power to do this. The curate at the Keep has some healing skills but is unable to perform a miracle of this magnitude.

Martin’s remorse turns to anger at the orcs. Thane told the party of the gruesome trophy room just inside the cave entrance. A prayer forms on his lips as he asks Eos for the strength to defeat this evil.

Arden also has a burning desire to rid the area of the orcs. Many of the people he once knew were slaughtered by orcs. A vow of vengeance forms on his lips. Alan’s death will not go unanswered.

Corwin thinks of the outcome. He worries that one misstep may spell the party’s doom. What if he wasn’t able to cast his spell of fear? What if an orc spear found its mark while he was preparing to cast the spell? Corwin knows he is limited in how many he can cast. Corwin’s not a religious man, he’s seen things during his apprenticeship that would be considered heresy to the wise clerics of Eos. Those things had the lure of great power, but also the threat of falling into the Abyss. Perhaps Corwin’s outlook has changed because of this encounter? Perhaps he will look into his spellbook for greater knowledge of the magical arts. Maybe the lure of the black arts will tempt him?

Question–Does Corwin move closer to Eos (and the side of Law) or work towards becoming more powerful with little regard for whose side his is on?

D10 y, d10 n. Result=Yes, he will stay on the path of Eos and forswear the temptation of the dark arts. Result was 4 for yes, 3 for no! Corwin is resolved to fight the Caves of Chaos but on the side of Law. Note-this question just came up as I wrote this piece. It is interesting how the character’s motivations may be formed from events in the game. I’m glad Corwin didn’t turn towards the black arts. I’m uncertain of what this will mean for the magician.

Thane the dwarf is a little more quiet than usual on the march back to the Keep. He had only known the human lad Alan, just a few days. It is hard to tell what fate is held for any of us. Alan will soon make his journey back to the beginning. Eos will welcome him home and his ancestors will be there to meet him. Thane thinks about this on the way back to the Keep. He knew his time would also come, but he would try to delay that as long as he could. Thane considers how the party can gain an advantage over their enemy. The next time the orcs charge, Thane will be prepared. Note-Thane has concocted a plan. He has the Int ability and blacksmithing skills. He will put those to use to gain an advantage over the orcs.

The party camps near the road. Encounter? No.


Day 20

A few hours march and the party arrives at the Keep.

Arden is questioned by the Bailiff about the death of Alan. Arden gives a detailed account of the battle with the orcs.

Question-Does Arden’s explanation satisfy the Bailiff? D10 yes, d8 no. Result=No!

The Bailiff listens intently. He then explains that Alan was the squire of a knight and that he as Bailiff is duty bound to report his death to his family. There may still be questions that need to be addressed. Note-this may become an interesting side plot.

Martin and Thane go to the chapel with the body of Alan to make burial arrangements.

Corwin and hirelings go to the inn to take their rest.

Edit: my thoughts about Arden using a magic dagger vs his greatsword (below) were in error. The +1 is just for “to hit” and not for damage. At least that is rules as written. I’m happy with it being played that way. Comments on tactics or rulings I have are encouraged. Please let me know what you think about the game so far.

Note-something I need to consider, tactically is the magic dagger that Corwin has in his possession. It functions as a +1 dagger. If Arden the fighter were to use it, he would do the same damage as his greatsword but gain a +1 to hit. I’ve decided to not have him use it. Even though the dagger would be beneficial in the numbers sense, it would still be out of character for any fighting man to forgo his greatsword for a dagger. Somehow it just wouldn’t seem right. Let me know what you think about this? Send me a comment or post on G+ your thoughts on the matter.

More soon…

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