Perils on the Borderlands, Day 21-22

Day 21
Alan is laid to rest, buried on a hillside outside of the Keep. The funeral is attended by a priest of the Chapel. The entire party is there.

Question-Does the Curate attend? D10 yes, d10 no. Result=no, the curate is not in attendance.

That afternoon…

Thane works on caltrops. Makes one batch d6 usage. Note-I’m using the Black Hack usage die rules for some items.

Martin searches woods for healing herbs, accompanied by Handsome, Catamont, and Meklin. Roll 2d6. Result=11 +1 for Wis ability (per my houserules). He finds 2 batches of healing herbs.

Arden takes 180 sp out of bank (banker charged 10%) and goes with Corwin to purchase some bows.

Corwin uses his merchant skill to haggle with the provisioner. 2d6 roll. Result=12 an outstanding success! The provisioner will give the party a 1d6 x 10% discount. Result=50% discount. He tells them a tale of orc attacks on his caravan, and is only too glad to supply them with bows.
They buy 8 longbows for 100 sp and 160 arrows for 8 sp.
They now have enough firepower, but not enough men-at-arms.

Day 22

Thane makes more caltrops, d6 usage.

Martin once again searches woods for healing herbs, accompanied by Handsome, Catamont, and Meklin. Roll 2d6. Result=9 +1 for Wis ability (per my houserules). Martin finds one batch of healing herbs in two hours of searching. Note-he has a total of 4 batches now (found two yesterday and had one batch from before.)

Arden seeks men-at-arms. Five are available for hire at the tavern.

1. Goat Bentley, hp 5, leather armor, he is a craven coward, long beard.
2. Yardley Muggins, hp 6, leather, youthful, lazy, handsome.
3. Jacob Scoggins, hp 2, leather armor, club, criminal, handsome.
4. Egg Barkley, hp 2, chain, middle aged, serious, balding, cook.
5. Sideways Carlin, hp 4, no armor, longbow, bald, criminal, ex-soldier

It’s a rough looking lot, but Arden will hire them nonetheless. He had passed on Jacob Scoggins once before but will hire him this time.

50 sp hiring bonus and then 1 sp per day each.

Now the party has 8 men-at-arms. Each will receive a longbow and 20 arrows.





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