Perils on the Borderlands, Day 26 Feast

Photo by Lou Levit on Unsplash

This being a continuation of my Solo adventure of the Keep on the Borderlands, using the Pits & Perils Rpg.

Day 26 Arden receives a two healing spells from Martin to hasten his recovery. All debts are paid to the men-at-arms and to the inn keeper.

Today’s events–

Does the Castellan wish to meet the PCs yet? FU die=5 yes! The captain of the guard will seek out Arden and Company and invite them to dine at the keep fortress this evening.

Corwin will use this opportunity to speak with the Advisor to the Castellan. He has heard that this person is an elf and also a magician. Corwin desperately needs to gain new spells.

Thane spends part of the day repairing and sharpening the company’s armor and weapons.

The dwarf enjoys working with the metal and it is relaxing to him.

Martin seeks audience with the Curate in the Chapel. The Curate commends him for his deeds at the Caves of Chaos, and warns him that greater dangers may yet lie ahead. The Curate declares that the money Martin has given to him will be used to build a new church in the village SW of the Keep. This is not listed in the KotB module, but it would make sense to have some nearby settlements. The Curate asks Martin if he will make this his mission. Martin does not hesitate to do this. He promises the Curate that he will do all he can to build a new church in the village. Martin will keep some of his treasure for the building of the church and give the Curate a portion as well. He gives him 200sp.

Arden and his comrades inquire with the Trader regarding suitable clothes for meeting the Castellan. FU die=1 No and he doesn’t know of anyone in the keep that sells courtly clothes.

Corwin has the INT ability and rolls to check if he may have an idea. Roll=3 nothing!

Thane also has INT and considers the problem for a moment. Roll=10 He suggests that Arden speak with the merchant guild in the keep to see if suitable clothes may be purchased or even rented.

The Guild House in the Keep is a two story building that provided lodgings for merchants and artisans travelling to the Keep. The Guild Master has heard of the exploits of Arden and Company. Arden uses his CHARISMA to impress the Guild Master. The Guild Master has no clothes to sell, but he is willing to loan some clean and fine woolen shirts and cloaks to the party. He reminds Arden to return them undamaged…no wine stains nor blood stains. He also wishes to thank Arden for attacking the bandits outside of the Keep. If Arden and Co. wish to earn some silver, the Guild Master would like them to look for the bandit’s camp and scatter them once and for all.

The company prepares for the dinner at the Keep. Armor would not be worn nor would any large melee weapons be carried. Martin will go unarmed, Corwin will carry his staff as befits a magician. Arden and Thane will carry their daggers at their side. It wouldn’t be out of the question for them to do so.

The men-at-arms are instructed to stay at the inn and guard the party’s belongings. Catamont, Meklin, and Handsome will be rewarded extra to do this…so no drinking for them tonight.

Does the dinner go well? Arden makes a Charisma roll. result=7 so the Castellen is favorable to him and the party. Corwin speaks with the Advisor and makes an arrangement to learn some new spells from him…all for a suitable fee of course.

The Curate is a guest and also the Castellan’s wife, the Captain of the Guard, and the Advisor.

The Castellan is interested in information about the Caves of Chaos. He would like for Arden and Company to report back to him after their next foray. He wants details of the kinds and numbers of humanoids there and if they plan on mounting a raid on the Keep. The Castellan does not offer any resources this time. Rolled a 2 on the FU die. Perhaps next time he will be so inclined.

The subject of Sir Arnaud does come up. The Castellan has already been briefed by the Bailiff and Arden was cleared of any wrong doing. Sir Arnaud will be spending a month in the dungeon and forfiting his armor and sword as a fine for attacking the Keep’s watch. Luckily none of the guards were killed. Then he will be sent on his way, banned from the Keep.

Notes: The PCs are all 3rd level now. Growing in power and reputation. I look forward to returning to the Caves with this company and seeing how their improved abilities will serve them.

More to come…

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