Perils on the Borderlands, Day 25, Back at the Keep

Photo by Francisco Galarza on Unsplash

Perils on the Borderland, Day 25

This being a continuation of my Pits & Perils solo game

Day 25

Return to the Keep

Corwin and Martin go the the Jeweler to sell some of the treasure. After a bit of bargaining, they sell the gem, ivory bracelet, sword with gem in hilt, silver belt, and ring. The ring fetched the most coin, bringing 560 silver crowns to the party.

On all the items with the Jeweler, I had Corwin make a merchant roll to get an idea of the worth of each item. Next, I had the jeweler offer a price on each for a random amount below the value. Corwin then has to press him for more silver or take the price. Most of the items sold on average at 80% of their listed value.

Corwin examined the items carefully beforehand. He does not have any magic detection ability, but used his Int and magic background to evaluate the quality and look for any indications that there is more to the item.

In total, the PCs receive 820 silver pieces. Experience is 1/2 of treasure gained, so the PCs earned 410 xp.

Total xp for treasure is 245 xp for monsters defeated. I gave 1/2 xp for the monsters that fled. The Fear spell was a big factor in their defeat adn they may return again, so 1/2 xp for these seemed reasonable.

Experience for treasure is 825 xp. Each PC receives 267 xp for this trip into the Caves.

All of the PCs are now 3rd level!

Each PC receives 15gp, 244 sp, and 111cp.

Other housekeeping items…

The PCs need to deduct 10% of earned treasure for repair for Arden, Thane, and Martin. Corwin deducts 5%. This amounts to 40 sp and 20 sp respectively.

Arden pays for the men-at-arms. Currently with lodging and wages, it is 2 sp per day per man, for a total of 16 sp per day.

Arden keeps some of the weapons and armor found in the Caves.

Weapon inventory…kept in the Keep warehouse.

12 spears, 6 shields, 2 axes, 1 light crossbow, 60 bolts, 20 arrows, 1 shortbow, 2 swords, and 2 daggers.

Arden sells to the Trader (at 50% value) 5 spears and the platemail armor. Platemail looks valuable, but Arden doesn’t want the reduce movement rate and penalties…no swimming, etc.

In all, the Trader gives Arden 32 silver pieces. The Trader is overjoyed to hear of the orc defeat at the Caves of Chaos.

The day after the company returns to the Keep, Sir Arnaud will find Arden.

Martin has healed Arden fully.

Sir Arnaud asks why Arden would take his squire on a mission to the Caves of Chaos? The man was in his employ and he demands 1/2 a share of the treasure gained during the exploration of the Caves.

Arden tells him that Alan Dori said he was released or fired from Sir Arnaud’s service. Also no coin was gained during the time Alan was hired as a man-at-arms.

This answer does not satisfy Sir Arnaud. He will demand 500 silver pieces.

Arden tells the knight, no, but he will give him a silver piece for a beer. Arden refuses to fight the knight. Sir Arnaud is drunk and angry. He draws his sword on Arden at the Tavern.

Arden has no armor and pulls his dagger to defend himself. The two men fight, their blades flashing. The knight is drunk but manages to cut Arden several times. Arden gets in several quick stabs at the knight, but the armor is protecting him.

The Tavern owner calls for the city watch as the two men continue to duel. The city watch enters the Tavern. There are 4 watchmen. They surrround the knight and Arden backs off. Sir Arnaud makes a cut at one of the watch, wounding him. The others jump on him using cudgels and attempt to subdue the knight. Several rounds of combat and as Sir Arnaud’s takes a beating, he fails a saving throw and his knocked out. Arden is not taken to jail based on the testamony of the witnesses in the tavern.

I wonder what will happen to the drunken knight, Sir Arnaud?

More to come…

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