Day 37 Continued…Martin in the Woods

Photo by Joshua Harris on Unsplash


This is a continuation of my solo game called Perils on the Borderlands. My goal is to run the Keep on the Borderlands module using the Pits & Perils rules. Playing solo has been a welcome addition to complement my other gaming pursuits. Many of you can probably sympathize when I say that it’s difficult to get a face to face table top game going at regular interval. Real Life rears its ugly head and says, Nope.

I’ve been fortunate to be part of a Roll20 gaming group with three other fellows my age. We’ve named our group the Fatbeards…we are old school…playing everything from Odnd to Whitebox to Pits and Perils plus some new games with old school feel…Tiny Dungeons 2e is one we’ve recently begun. But my point is that not all of us have the time or ability to play face to face or online and solo games may scratch that itch. My advice would be to give it a try. Check out some of the great blogs out there that have tons of advice…Sophia Brandt’s die heart is a prime example. Also the Google community has Lone Wolf Roleplaying and the folks there are very supportive. Ok, I gotta get back to my game…I’ve been on Day 37 way too long!

Day 37 Continued

Time–mid afternoon

Arden and Egg have just walked out of the ale tent in Coot’s Mill. Arden has left a man lying battered and unconscious in the dirt. The man jumped Arden, thinking that with five other friends, he’d been backed up. Unfortunately, none of the other men were ready to cross swords with Arden. Egg Barkley (Arden’s man-at-arms) was standing by, club in hand, as a persuader.

Arden rubs his knuckles, “That bloke had a hard head. I’m lucky I didn’t break my fist on his jaw. By the way, Egg, that ale maid in there…she no doubt has little regard for her son or me for that matter. She is playing at something.”

Egg shakes his head, ” ‘Tis a sad thing when a mum don’t give a fig for her young one. I’d known about her since I began working in Coot’s Mill. She was always haranguing that boy…no wonder he up and left. I wouldn’t put nothing past her, she’s in league with Eos knows who, but nobody good, I’m sure.”

They collect their mounts and walk them to the site of the church. A couple men are digging around the foundation, setting stone, and leveling the area. It is marked off with stakes and a big pile of timbers lie nearby.

They pause when Arden and Egg come into view.

“Hullo, Wendrig, ” Egg shouts.

The man wipes his face and shouts back, “Egg! If you was any kind of friend, you’d come over and help!”

Egg just grins, “You got Bertie over there. He’s younger than me and stronger!”

Wendrig mutters, “Strong…but not too much on thinking…I gotta keep an eye on the lad or this church is gonna be leaning.”

Egg laughs and introduces Arden to the men. They doff their hats, “We’ve heard of you, sir. You and your group done took the fight right to them devils up the Old Trade Road!”

Arden nods and smiles, “They gave about as good as they got. We lost a man and are now resting up a bit. Did either of you see Martin today?”

Bertie stammers, “I..I…saw him earlier t..t…today, my lord. He was going look fer some plants in the woods near the river. He took that homely feller with him.”

Arden knew he meant Handsome Brune. Well at least he’s got someone to watch his back. Wandering around even near the Keep could be a risky thing to do, he thought.

Arden asks the men about the bandits in the area…[Question–have they seen any strangers coming into town that weren’t part of the merchant guards? If so, when? I roll a FU die…result= 6! Yes, and Bertie has additional information! Question–does he know a location? result=4, Yes, but nothing specific. I roll a Rory Story Cube and image is a man standing at a crossroads…]

Bertie says, “I seen three riders coming along the road one evening late…I was on my way to gig some frogs near the mill. I hid when I saw them. It was dark, but in the moonlight, I could tell that their horses were wet…maybe they was hunting frogs too?”

Arden thanks the men and gives each of them a silver piece. Looking at Wendrig, he says, “You better hang on to that kid, he’s a lot brighter than you think…”

They bid the workers a good day and ride off towards the mill to look for Martin.

(Near the Mill)

Martin has spent a couple hours looking for healing herbs. [roll=9, I rule that Martin has found one bunch of St. John’s Wort, a healing plant. He will use this to make healing tea or a poultice.]

Does Martin and Handsome encounter anyone or anything near the river? I make an encounter check and yes, something is out there…using the Pits & Perils wilderness encounter…I roll a 12…elves!

Three elves appear in the forest near Martin and Brune, they make themselves known by singing softly. The elves slip out of the trees and greet Martin and Brune. [I use the Moldvay Basic Dnd reaction rules and give Martin a +1 modifier for their last encounter with elves at the logging camp. Result=11 +1 = 12! The elves are part of the group that had dealings with Martin and the Company.

Reaction Roll
2=very bad
12=very good

The elves approach Martin and Brune in peace, “Greetings, young ones. That plant, you call St. John’s Wort…we call it athelas.”

The wood elf fishes in his belt pouch and retrieves a leaf wrapped bundle, “and this is alheno…it is a remedy against poison…take it friend.”

Martin takes the bundle and watches as the elves gather to sit among the trees. They are all dressed in shades of green and brown but each has some otherworldly feature. White hair, piercing violet eyes, or lyrical voices. Martin can understand the stories men tell of being lost in the forest and being lured away by musical voices.

“I thank you, my friends…but I have nothing to give you in return except a blessing,” Martin replies.

“We travel to the north. Our brothers and sisters are calling in the Geist Wald. Your blessing is appreciated, young cleric. Eos is revered by the elves along with the Green Man.”

Martin says a short prayer of blessing for safe travel. “What is the Geist Wald? Do you have kin in trouble there?”

The elves gather their belongings and slip through the woods, laughing, “Nothing that you may help with friend…safe travels to you!”

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