Day 37~End of the Day

Arden and Egg ride out to the river to find Martin and Handsome.

Question–Do they meet up with them? No, but they do meet the owner of the water powered saw mill just south of the village of Coot’s Mill.

The mill owner, Odell Bunton, is a red faced and portly middle aged gent. He has three sons that work the mill and a wife and daughter that mend clothes and sew garments for the woodsmen.

Arden is introduced by Egg and the miller is very happy to see one of the men he’d been hearing about. Not only is Arden gaining a reputation for return several times from the Caves of Chaos, he is also named as the hero who saved the woodsman during the elven standoff.

The men chat amicably for a short while. Arden inquires about Martin. He’d heard he was in the river area looking for healing poultices. Odell mentions he has seen the cleric and another man earlier in the day.

Arden and Egg ride through the river area, but Martin and Handsome are nowhere to be seen. They decide to return to the Keep in the hope of meeting them later.

After Martin’s encounter with the elves, he and Handsome make their way back to Coot’s Mill to check on the workers and then back to the Keep.

Later that evening all of the Company are accounted for. The Tavern is aglow with a warm fire and a hot meal of boiled pig’s feet with sweet potatoes and walnuts, brown bread, hard cheese, and mead. A lute player sings some drinking songs and a few ballads. The patrons are in a good mood this evening. Arden and Company enjoy their dinner and the ale. Notably absent is Corwin. He is still working through Florian’s spell book up within the walls of the inner keep.

Martin and Handsome give an account of their meeting with the elves. Arden has heard of Geist Wald. He tells the others that it is somewhere to the north, up near the Five Kings mountain range.

Arden tells the party about their time in the village, leaving out the meeting with Catamont’s mother. He makes a point to tell the others about the laborer seeing men on horses late one night…the horses were wet…fording the river perhaps?

Maybe in the morning the Company will take a ride beyond the river.

More to come…

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