Ant Wand

Cornwall the Odd brushed the last remnants of the honey cake from his robe. “It is always a pleasant treat to visit you, Zultan.”

“Perhaps if you had let me know of your visit, I would have set a larger table,” the small wizard said without a hint of sarcasm.

They sat outside of the wizard’s house beneath the shade of a blue petaled spiderwort. The wildflower was enormous…or rather the two wizards were very, very, small. A chittering and clicking sound came from around the side of the red toadstool. The tough, woody stem had been carved into a comfortable hut. Inside could be found chairs, a table, several large cupboards, all of which were smaller than a thumbnail.

Zultan Vee had learned long ago that his fondness for solitude did not require solid towers or a crocodiles filled moat. Instead, he simply made himself very inconspicuous.

Cornwall lifted his feet high into the air as a black ant ran under the table. “This is most unbecoming for a wizard of my stature!,” Corwall shouted as the ant quickly cleaned up the crumbs of his honey cake.

Zultan Vee couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The ant was the size of a hound and it was greedily lapping up crumbs of the cake.

Cornwall examined the mandibles of the ant. They were the size of daggers. Zultan Vee had indeed shrunk to the size of an ant, but now he had an army of insects at his beck and call.

The two wizards finished their discussion as the lazy afternoon wore on into evening. As they parted, Zultan produced a curious object for Cornwall. It was a segmented stick that looked strangely enough like an ant’s antennae. “Here’s the ant wand you wanted. Be careful with it and return it to me when you are finished.”

Game Notes~~The ant wand is actually a giant ant antennae, enchanted to allow the user to communicate with any insect. The user may be able to persuade the insects to assist him [with a sucessful saving throw]. Otherwise, the user can spend one charge of the wand to bend the insects to his will for a short amount of time [DMs discretion on just how long this may be]. The ant wand will have 1d12 charges when found and may be recharged.

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