Perils on the Borderlands~Day 50 Return to the Keep

Note~I have decided to try something a little different. In the Collected Pits & Perils rulebook there is a variant for hit points. In this session of my game I have converted all the PCs to the variant hit points rules. It reduces the hit point total by approximately 50% for most classes, but much more for magicians and elves. This makes for more fragile players to begin. Additional hit points are +1 for each level. I want to do this, not in order to hasten the death of any of the PCs, but to increase the tension during combat. Pits & Perils characters are very robust and can take a lot of damage. It lets the players spend more time exploring, instead of tucking tail and running. The most fun for me occurs when the characters are close to death. Tactics can make all the difference in that case. So, I’m going to try it and see how the variant plays out.

Day 50~Martin, Goat, and Handsome wander the forest near the Keep looking for healing herbs. Martin finds two bunches but the other men find none.

Egg Barkley makes preparations for the company’s next trip to the caves. His job is quartermaster, teamster, chief cook and bottle washer. Egg has recently sent a letter to his wife and is expecting her and their daughter to travel to the Keep within the next month. They are living in Haversham in the County of Dent to the south.

Thane, the dwarf, continues to “relax” at the forge. He makes several more caltrops and repairs the dings and dents in the company’s armor. When finished, he sharpens and oils all the the blades. Work makes him happy and when the forge grows cool, he can head over to the tavern for ale and roast beef.

Corwin studies the rope they found in the caves. It is magically and Corwin takes time to learn of its secrets. Through experimentation, he finds that the rope will obey commands. It can tie, untie, knot itself for climbing, snake up a wall to fasten onto a point, and all manner of remarkable things. Corwin will carry this item in his backpack.

Arden meets with Sir Kent, the Castellan. The company will give 120sp to the fallen soldier’s family. Sgt Tenning has 11 archers now.

A week passes at the Keep as the men unwind and rest. Martin finds two more bunches of healing herbs. Arden finds quarters in the Keep for some of the company. It is a larger apartment and can house Thane, Corwin, and himself. Martin is staying at the chapel of the Keep. Egg, Goat, and Meklin are staying in Coot’s Mill. Catamont is now a henchman and not just another paid meatshield. He stays on with Arden and the others, not burdened by debt, but by loyalty.

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