Perils on the Borderlands, Day 12-14 Kobolds!

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A note to the reader–this post is quite long and detailed but unapologetically so. Skim it if you will. I enjoyed the solo game and here’s my account of it.

Day 12
Arden makes for the Caves of Chaos.

8 hours march and the party camps in the woods just east of the road.

Encounter? No.

Day 13
Travel into the mouth of the Caves of Chaos. 2 hours westward march and the party has finally arrived!

I roll randomly and the party heads to the northwest on the cave map. There is a cave entrance at the bottom of the hill. (Cave A).

As the party approaches the cave entrance, 8 kobolds jump out of the trees to attack!

I give them a +2 for surprise and roll initiative. A tie! I rule it simultaneous.
Corwin has a critical miss with his magic dagger and stumbles, giving the kobold a free attack. The kobold missed both times.

Thane hits with his crossbow and Martin with his morning star. Handsome stabs a kobold with his spear. Catamont kills one of the kobolds with a spear. Handsome kills one.

In all, 5 kobolds are slain and 3 flee to the cave. Martin, Thane, and Catamont take minor damage to their armor.

The kobolds are carrying 13 cp.

The party approaches the cave. Marching order is (in pairs) Arden and Thane, Meklin alone in the 2nd rank with his spear and club, next comes Corwin and Catamont (carrying lantern), and finally Handsome and Martin.

The cave has a concealed pit trap. Any crossing it will trigger it on a 1-3 on a d6. Arden and Thane walk over it without triggering it. I roll for Thane to notice, but the dwarf fails.

Meklin also walks over it with triggering it!

Note–this is the point in the adventure when I wished I’d brought the 10′ pole.

Corwin and Martin both roll 3’s and trigger the trap. I roll the damage as they fall into the pit…6 points for Corwin and 1 point for Martin!

Corwin has only 5 hit points…so this isn’t good. I’m feeling a little bummed about Corwin’s demise, but then I realize that he has one luck point (my houserule). Corwin uses it to change the die roll by one point. I change the trap roll to a 4 resulting in the trap not being triggered. Martin will do the same.

Because they used a luck point, I rule that the trap is found and they were able to step aside before triggering it.

While this is going on, 6 kobolds attack from the guard post throwing javelins for their first attack! They miss and the battle ensues.

The party cuts down three of them and two attempt to flee but are also killed. Arden takes 5 pts of damage. Thane, 2 pts, and Meklin 2 pts.

Searching the bodies, they find 22 copper pieces in total! (I’m on the silver standard.)

The party rests for a turn. Corwin sends his familiar, a black cat named Nicodemus, down the tunnel for a peek.

Thane moves into a side tunnel to scout as the cat moves to the south.

Question-Do the kobolds see the dwarf? Yes! 3 arrows but all miss!

Do the kobolds in the south tunnel see the familiar? I rolled 2d6. Result=8, No they don’t see the cat. He’s too stealthy.

Does Nicodemus see the kobolds? Not yet.

The party moves to the north intersection.

Will Corwin and Nicodemus watch the south? d12 yes, d8 no. Result=Yes.

Kobolds from the common room in the south will charge down the hall in 6 rounds. (random roll to determine this.)

Arden and Thane engage the 3 kobold sharpshooters in the north tunnel.
Both groups have cover from the corner of the tunnels (-2 modifier to hit). I want to describe this in detail to show how the MisoRPG dice helped me decide the party actions.

Round 1 Arden and Thane shoot at kobolds while taking partial cover. One kobold still hits Arden, 2 pts! PCs both miss.
Question-will PCs charge? D8 yes, d6 no. Result=no.

Round 2 Thane is hit for 2 damage! Thane has a critical miss! I roll on the crit table=weapon sundered! His crossbow has snapped a string!
Question-will PCs charge now? D8 yes, d4 no. I modified the d6 down to a d4 to reflect that they will be more likely to charge. Result=no.

Round 3 Kobolds miss, but one suffers a critical miss and snaps his bowstring! Arden shoots an arrow and misses.
Question–Charge now? D8 vs d4. Result=yes!

Round 4
Arden rushes the archers. I judge that if all he does is move, he can make it to them but not get an attack. Thane also charges.
Arden takes two more arrows for 4 points damage!

Martin is close behind them and heals Arden for 4 points.

Round 5
Arden hits one of the kobold bodyguards for 2 pts (armor is now gone).
Kobolds miss.

Round 6
Thane is hit by a club. Arden hits and kills a bodyguard!
Martin hits (armor gone). Martin is hit by a club.

Note–Kobolds in the south begin to move out of the common room. Corwin is alerted.

Round 7
Thane hits another bodyguard. The kobold chieftain comes out of his room to join the battle!

Round 8
Arden kills another bodyguard! One guard and chieftain remain.

Round 9
Chieftain attacks Arden but misses. Thane hit by a club. PCs miss.

Handsome and Meklin block the kobolds from the south. Meklin kills one.
Corwin casts his fear spell! The kobolds that were attacking from the south run away! Note-fear is a big spell, no saves and affects any number of enemies 1st to 3rd level. The kobolds will be gone for at least a turn.

Round 10
Chieftain misses. Arden drops his weapon! (Critical miss.)
Martin smashes the chieftain with his morning star, 2 damage.
The men-at-arms come forward to help. Thane misses the bodyguard.

Round 11
Chieftain hits Arden, 1 point. Arden rolls another critical miss! He drops his second weapon (dagger)! All others miss.

Round 12
Chieftain misses. Arden grabs Catamont’s spear but misses the chieftain. Martin hits the chieftain for 2 damage. Note-chieftain has 5 hit points left!

Thane finally kills the bodyguard. The chieftain will be set upon by many attackers. I’ve been giving the +1 bonus to hit for any attackers outnumbering their enemy.

Round 13
Chieftain misses. Arden rolls a critical hit! Mighty strike on the chief sundering his handaxe! I rule that since Arden has a spear, the sunder is just a dropped weapon.

Martin rolls a critical hit! Precise strike doing double damage…4 points! The chieftain is dead.

Question–Any kobold stragglers from the south? d10 yes, d6 no. Result=no!

Summary–Arden and Thane are badly hurt (4 and 3 hp respectively.)
Martin has 8 hp left. Corwin and the men-at-arms are all good.

The chieftain has a large gem around his neck (1,200 sp!) and a key to room 3. Guards have 20 sp total.

The PCs enter the chieftain’s lair and find females that don’t attack. The PCs let them flee, forgetting to check them for treasure.

Martin rolls a Wis check of 11 and finds some hidden silver in a blanket on the wall (50 sp). The chest in the room is not trapped. Thane opens it and finds 26 cp and 11 sp.

The party searches the food storage room #3 and finds worthless foodstuff and human remains!

A quick check of the kobold common room finds kobold females and young (all non combatants). Arden and his party are not into slaughter of the defenseless. They find no valuables.

The party decides to cut and run. They head back east to the road (3 hour march).

They are on the road heading south by midday. 5 hours travel and they are near the hill on the western edge of the map.

Set camp for the night, rations roll.

Encounter? Result=No, thankfully!

Day 14
Martin casts cure (2 points back to Arden). A 10 hour forced march brings the party back to the Keep by nightfall. Whew!

A large feast and drinks for all the adventurers tonight!

Note–with treasure and monsters there will be 198 xp for each of the four PCs.

I wasn’t certain how the kobold encounter would end. The party is fortunate to have a spell caster. The fear spell is powerful in a similar way to the sleep spell, maybe more so. But it is tempered by the fact that the targets can run away to fight another day.

More soon…

Perils on the Borderlands, Days 9-11, Lizardmen

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Day 9
Refreshed the party once again walks through the gates of the Keep on the Borderlands.

Heading along the road to the north, after a 10 hour march they camp for the night.

Encounters? None. Rolled usage die for rations.

Day 10
5 hours march north and into the clearing where they met the bandits. The party stops to eat. Food is running low and Corwin and Catmont are out of water.

I roll a d12 to pick a random direction to explore. Southwest they travel in the woods looking for the caves. No sign. (The party is heading in the opposite direction!)

Camp and roll for encounters. None. Roll rations and water usage.

Day 11
Today is spent hunting for food and refilling all the waterskins. The module states that there is a 1-in-6 chance of a person finding food for 1d6 men. Martin was a hunter before becoming an adventurer. I give him a 2-in-6 chance.

The only party member to spy some game is Handsome Brune, the man-at-arms. He kills a small wild pig (3 days of food).

The party made their way to the river in the south and refilled all waterskins. Note–I am using the Blackhack usage die for the waterskins, giving them an initial d6. If at the end of the day, I roll a 1 or 2 on a d6, then the usage die goes to a d4. The process repeats, but after the d4 is used up, then no water left!

Rations work a little differently. They get a d6 usage die and if a 1 or 2 is rolled, I deduct one day’s ration from the inventory for that character.

I don’t know how realistic this is compared to just crossing off a day of rations each day, but it is a lot more interesting.

Encounter? Yes! Fairies! One winged fairy finds the group. Reaction? Uncertain.

Corwin, the magician, makes an Int roll. Result=10 and tries to make friends with the creature.

Question–Does the fairy tell them where to find the Caves of Chaos?
D12 yes, d8 no. Result=Yes! The fairy tells them to follow the western hill when the road turns northward.

The party decides to camp near the river that night.
Encounter? Yes! They are close enough to area 1 on the map to merit a 1-2 in 6 chance of an encounter.

Three lizardmen sneak towards the camp. Arden and Catamont are on watch.

Do they hear the lizardmen? Roll 2d6 for each. Arden=no, Catamont=yes.

Catmont whispers to Arden that something is out there moving around. Arden wakes the others.

Do lizardmen attack? Yes. The lizardmen approach the fire with clubs and spears.

Arden hits one of them with his spear. The lizardmen attack hitting Catamont and Corwin with spears (1 pt each).

Arden cuts one with his greatsword (2 pts). Martin smashes a lizardman with his morning star for a critical hit! 3 pts of damage and a roll on the critical hit chart is joint damage +1 damage. So 4 pts total! Thane hits one with his handaxe for 1 pt.

Arden takes a club to the body, 1 pt. Thane is also struck by another strong creature’s attack for 1 pt.

Arden retaliates for 2 pts. Handsome skewers one with his sword. It dies! Thane strikes another with his handaxe.

Morale check=7. They fight on.

Lizardmen attack but no hits make it through.

Arden kills one (3 pts) Melkin’s club does 1 pt. The remaining lizardman flees but I rule that 3 of the party get an attack. Thane hits and Handsome gets a critical. The third lizardman is dead!

All of the party took damage only to their armor, but for Corwin, so no lasting damage. The party earns 15 xp each.

Martin tries to follow their tracks but lose them at the river’s edge.


More soon…

Strong Drink and Bitter Herbs~Remedies for What Ails You

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

Arden of Granden Hall looked nervously at his man-at-arms. A bandit’s spear had pierced his leathers and drove deep into his shoulder. Arden had been a farmer with little taste for combat until his home was overrun by orcs. He shuddered, thinking about the wholesale slaughter at his lord’s manor. It was a long time before he could close his eyes and not see the fire or hear the screams.

“Arden, hand me the linen bag in my backpack, if you will,” Martin spoke, bringing his attention back to the injured man. Martin, the knight templar-in-training, was the most skilled among them in healing.

“Meklin, there’s no broken bones, I’ve staunched the bleeding, but you need to lie still,” he said while directing Thane the dwarf to boil some bitter herbs in a small kettle.

Ten minutes later, Martin gave the hot tea to the man-at-arms. Meklin grimaced, “Bitter…”

“Yes, but good for you regardless. Now drink it all down while I finish a poultice for your dressing.”

Thane the dwarf looked with contempt at the proceedings. “Hrmmphhh! We’d not be brewing tea in the Five Kings. Bitter herbs as they come, straight out of the sack!”

Martin smiled at his dwarven friend, “Yes, and you know that dwarves have iron stomachs, no? I’ve seen dwarves eat things that would kill a mountain goat!”

“Well, that’s ’cause we wash it down with Shoveler’s Lament or any other brandy we had on hand,” Thane grinned wide, his two front teeth missing.

Martin just smiled, nodding his head, “Hmmm….interesting.” He wondered if the dwarf hadn’t rotted his teeth out with that brew. Martin thought he’d tried Shoveler’s one time, but couldn’t remember any events of that night in the tavern.

“Well, Thane, I suppose a good stiff belt of something could shock the system and provide some temporary benefit. Regardless, I’d rather stay with my bitter herb tea.”

Melkin, the man-at-arms, rested by the fire. The herbs were working. His color was returning. Martin was relieved to see this. The cleric did have the power to channel some divine energy into healing, but he kept this ability in reserve for the most dire of situations. The tea would suffice for now.

Notes on healing remedies.

[My take on healing herbs is slightly different from the rules (Pits & Perils) as written. The main difference is that I am having the user make a saving throw on the first use and also on subsequent uses. Also, if the user brews a tea, the adverse affects are lessened.]

Healing herbs such as comfrey, St. John’s wort, willow root, feverfew, and many others can be found by searching the woods for a few hours. The seeker must make a saving throw (7+ on 2d6) to find one bunch of healing herbs. An outstanding success (12+) means that 2 batches are found. Wisdom ability adds +1 to the roll.

Healing herbs chewed or brewed into tea can restore 1 hit point.

Chewing the herbs can make the user violently ill for 1 turn if they fail a saving throw. The herbs will still heal one hit point of damage, but no further healing can be done with the herbs that day. Additional uses will cure 1 hit point so long as no saving throw has been failed.

If the user takes the time to brew a healing tea, 10 min or so, then the saving throw is not necessary and drinking the tea will heal one hit point. Any additional brews will require a saving throw as if chewing the healing herbs, but with a +2 bonus to the saving throw.

Strong Drink

Any type of strong drink (brandy, fortified wines, etc) will restore 1 hit point. If the user takes a second or third drink, they may gain additional hit points BUT will have to make a saving throw or become intoxicated for 1 to 2 hours (all attack rolls and saves will be at a penalty equal to the amount the imbiber missed the saving throw.) Example…Arden takes one swig of dwarven brandy. He regains 1 hit point and all is well (no save needed). He decides to take another belt of his dwarven brandy and must make a saving throw. He rolls a 4 but needed a 7…failed his save by 3 points. Arden will be at -3 to all attack and saving throws for 1 to 2 hours. Failing two saving throws in a row while using strong drink to heal means the imbiber has drunk himself into unconsciousness! He will need to sleep it off for 1d6 hours.

I will revisit this in the future with additions and possible changes.

Other types of healing need to be discussed…healing ointments, poultices, and also the effects of broken bones and other injuries.


Perils on the Borderlands, Day 7-8

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Continuing my Pits & Perils solo play using Keep on the Borderlands.

Day 7

Morning–the party breaks camp and travels back to the Keep. The bandit leader’s body is brought along for identification (and possible reward?)

Question–Does the bailiff of the Keep know of this bandit leader? d10 yes, d6 no, result=No, he does not recognize the man.

Question–Is there a reward for the bandit chief’s capture/death? d10 yes, d6 no, result=Yes! The merchant guild has placed a bounty on bandit groups in the area. I rule that since the bandit leader has not been positively identified, the reward will be less. Reward is 1d6x10 sp. Result=4, so 40 silver pieces for the bandit’s head.

The bailiff has the scribe pay the bounty. The scribe will later receive funds from the merchant guild.

Payment for the hirelings is 1 silver piece per day (total of 14 silver pieces).

Roll for rations, pay inn keeper, and have a feast! This means 7 sp for lodgings and food, and 7 more for extra food and drink (feast).

Evening is spent telling of the adventure, drink, good food, then well deserved rest. Corwin studies his spellbook, Martin prays. All PCs and NPCs are at full health.

Question–Does the evil cleric from the Keep introduce himself to the party? I rolled a d6 (yes or no die). Result=”No, and…”  Martin hears from some tavern patrons that the cleric seems strange…

Day 8

Arden will sell his leather armor to the trader for 50% of its value. [Note-I later realize this is a mistake. Arden later had to buy some leather armor for a new hireling!]

Thane will attempt to alter the chainmail for Arden. I decide that if 2d6=7+ then the dwarf has been successful. He is a blacksmith by trade. If fail, I figure the Keep’s blacksmith can alter it for 5 sp. Thane rolls a 9. Success!

Martin will ask the curate about the wandering priest. Corwin will rest.

Question–Does the curate know of the wandering priest? Result=He tells Martin that he knows little of him, but to be careful. Martin’s curiosity is piqued…

Arden will purchase waterskins for the men-at-arms and for Catamont. He will also buy three spears and two shields, 29 sp. Each PC chips in. Arden is down to 2 sp and 2 cp. They’ll need to find the Caves of Chaos soon. Tomorrow they will foray again.

The party stays at the inn. Lodgings plus food/drink at the tavern will total 7 sp.

The corporal of the guard is at the tavern tonight. He and Thane the dwarf discuss armor, smithing, and fighting. They get on well and Thane is no longer viewed with suspicion by the corporal. The corporal tells Thane that he has heard, “Breeyark is the goblin words for ‘we surrender’.”

Tomorrow Arden and the party will once again venture in search of the Caves of Chaos.

More soon…



Perils on the Borderlands, Day 5-6

Niko Pirosmani. Porter with a Wineskin.


This is a continuation of my solo game using the Pits & Perils rpg, MisoRPG, and the Solitary Soldiers solo mechanics.

Day 5
The morning finds the party rested. Martin heals Arden for 1 hit point (still has 1 hit point off). Arden, Martin, and Catamont go to the provisioner to find armor.

The provisioner has a large inventory of items for sale. Arden purchases leather armor for 13sp (overpriced) and has it fit for Catamont. In addition, Arden buys a flint & steel. He gives the young hireling his dagger and the torches to carry.

Catamont Beerling 5/+1
torches (6) d6 usage die, flint & steel, dagger, and leather armor

The party leaves the Keep and heads southeast to the river. They believe they will need a boat to cross. Instead, they do some hunting and find rabbits. Martin’s occupation was hunter and he was able to kill a brace of rabbits with his sling (enough food for five men for the day.) Using the rules in the Keep on the Borderlands module stating that a hunter has a 1 in 6 chance of finding food to feed 1d6 men.

I rolled a wandering monster check. Result=none.

Back to the Keep for more rest at the inn. Money deducted for staying at the inn, roll for rations used.

Day 6 All are fully healed. Arden the fighter wants to explore the wilderness. The party travels four hours along the east road and stop for lunch (no encounters). Roll rations. Arden runs out of water, Corwin runs out of water. Party moves to the river to refill their waterskins. No encounter.

Note-this is the most that I’ve ever been concerned by running out of water or rations. I can’t recall ever really bothering about this in previous games. I think the usage die makes it more interesting. It made me keep an closer eye on the food/water for each PC.

Refilling the waterskins and resting, then northward into the forest.

Three hours to the north. Encounter? No. Continue north? Yes.

Two hours and the party is at the clearing of the Caves of Unknown. (I have no map for this at the moment, so I decided to roll and encounter. Result=2. Yes!

Nine brigands approach! (I decide to use the bandits from area 3.)

Leader-2nd level, chainmail, bow, spear
Lieutenant-1st level, leather, shield, spear
2 archers-1st level, leather, shortbow, dagger
5 spearmen-0 level (I rule they have 1-3 hp each)

They attack! The bandits come upon the party at 60 yards distance. The party wins initiative.
Brother Martins loads a sling stone and lets fly at the bandit leader. Miss!

Arden will throw his spear when the bandits come within range. Corwin hides behind the men-at-arms and gets a spell ready. Thane fires a crossbow at the leader 8, a miss! But Thane uses 1 luck point adding 1 to the roll…9! A hit! The crossbow does 2 pts of damage.

The bandit fires an arrow at the party. Catamont is hit for 2 pts. Bandit archers fire 2 arrows at Martin and Corwin. Both miss! Bandits close 40′. Now they are 20′ away from the party.

Arden throws a spear at the leader. Hit! 1 point damage! Martin’s fires a sling stone at the leader. Hit! 1 point of damage! Thane fires a crossbow at the bandit leader and hits. 2 points of damage!

Corwin the magician readies his magic spell. A bolt of fire races towards the bandit chief striking him for 6 points! The leader has 3 points remaining. The men-at-arms prepare for the enemy charge.

The bandits move forward with spears. Bowmen get wait to get a clear target. They don’t want to fire into their men, so they will pick off any that move from the group.

Thane the dwarf takes a spear hit (outstanding result). His armor and shield absorb it and are out. Meklin and Handsome each hit for 1 point and their armor absorbs it.

Martin smashes the lieutenant with his two-handed morning star and does 2 points of damage. Arden using his greatsword strikes the bandit leader. An outstanding success (roll of 11, +1 for fighter class). The leader takes 3 more points of damage and falls!

Question-do bandits leave now their leader is dead? I roll a morale check. Result of 2d6=11! They fight on! The lieutenant has a battle field promotion.

A bandit hits Thane for 2 points. Martin is hit twice. 2 points total.

All of the party miss except for Handsome. Corwin casts a fear spell. This is a powerful spell for there is no saving throw and the spell affects any number of 1st to 3rd level enemies. The spell is negated by any hostile action to the fleeing bandits. Corwin tells the party not to pursue or fire at the fleeing bandits.)

The party wins! They have killed the bandit leader and driven off the rest.

They search the bandit leader. He has 14 pieces of silver (I use the silver standard), chainmail, shortbow, spear, wineskin, dagger, and arrows (d8 usage die). The party gets 40 xp for the encounter.

Martin heals Thane. The party makes camp and set a watch. Encounter? No.

The party breaks camp in the morning and heads back towards the Keep.

Notes-the magician is earning his silver. Fear is a powerful spell, on par with the sleep spell. Sleep is the nuclear option for 1st level magicians in Dnd, but it is not available in Pits and Perils. The more I think about it, I like that fact. Fear routs enemies but allows them to fight another day. Sleep can drop a large number of enemies and often allows the PCs to dispatch them while asleep (or if they’re not murder hobos, capture of the enemies.)

In reading the Pits and Perils rules, I make note that magicians recover ONE spell point per day of rest and study. This is an important fact. Magicians don’t fully recharge after a day of casting many spells. I think that will make for some interesting decisions. All of the elf games we play come down to resource management. Now I need to quit writing and roll some dice to see if the party’s waterskins are empty…gotta love it!


Perils on the Borderlands, Day 4

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

Continuing my Pits & Perils solo play using Keep on the Borderlands.

Day 4 at the Keep
Arden the fighter and Corwin the magician bring the puma hide to the trader. He is greatly impressed (I rolled a positive reaction roll) and even though the hide is damaged, he will pay 50 pieces of silver. I noted that each PC receives 6 xp each.

Scene–the Keep on the Borderlands
Goal–Arden wants to add more firepower to the party by hiring two archers.
Arden decides to speak with the baliff of the outer bailey first.

Question–Does Arden get to speak with the bailiff?
He had a good reaction from him at the tavern while helping Arden apprehend the pickpocket. So I roll 2d6 and take the best roll (using the Solitary Solidiers/FU die mechanic) Result=yes. The bailiff will see him.

Question–Does the bailiff have or know of any men that would hire on as archers? I roll 2d6 again…result= “No, but…” I interpret this as no, but the bailiff offers Arden a job with the guards and a rumor, “Beware of treachery from within the party.”

Arden takes both of these under consideration and asks about the man who tried to pickpocket him last night. He seemed like a harmless fellow. The bailiff said he will be sentenced to hard labor for one month, repairing the castle walls. Also, he will get ten lashes for being a thief.

Arden offers to pay the man’s fine and places 10 silver coins on the table. I roll…not enough. 15 silvers? Still not enough! 20? Yes.

The bailiff releases the thief to Arden. He is little more than a boy, dirty and unkempt. His name is Catamont Beerling (from my hireling list), a young adult, reckless, and brawny, 5 hp. [His hit points are greater than both of the party’s men-at-arms combined!]

The boy will gladly work off his debt instead of facing the lash and hard labor. The bailiff gives him a warning and also warns Arden to keep him closely reined.

Arden has a new lantern bearer (indentured servant for at least one month.) But now he is down 20 sp. Arden takes the boy to the inn to get a hot bath and some decent food. He also buys him a set of clean clothes. 2 sp should cover all this.

Goal–Corwin the magician is looking for other practitioners of the arts.

He learns that the scribe at the bank has magical knowledge and contacts him.

Questions–Will he discuss magic resources with Corwin? d6=yes, d10=no. I used MisoRPG mechanics here. Result=No. The scribe is either too busy at the bank or unwilling to discuss anything magic related at the moment.

I roll the “twist die” to shake things up. A 1! Then roll two separate d6 and the result is “item” and “appears”. I interpret this as something special is found at the scene. In the module the bank has a list of used items for sale on a display table, so I ran with that idea.

Corwin sees a scroll tube (empty) and some fine robes on display. Corwin recognizes the robes as magical. They are adept robes (adds +1 protection) and his ability (Intelligence) gives him some insight into this. He isn’t sure if they are truly magical yet, but gives the banker 10 sp to hold them. The banker agrees to hold the robes for 30 days. They are priced at 50 sp. Corwin has to wonder why the scribe didn’t notice them?

Goal–Martin the templar-in-training, wants to speak with the curate of the Keep and learn more about the Keep and its surroundings.

The curate receives him in a friendly manner (9 on 2d6 reaction).
Question–Does the curate mention his distrust of the wandering priest (area 7 of the Keep)? d12=no, d4=yes. Result=No.

Question–Does Martin meet with the other priests? d6 vs d6 Result=not at this time.

In the module, the priests will talk up the good reputation of the wandering priest and I wanted them to let Martin know about this possibly.

Martin leaves 2 sp in the poor box of the chapel.

Goal–Thane the dwarf seeks out the blacksmith and other dwarves.

Blacksmith’s reaction to Thane is neutral (7 on 2d6). He will allow Thane to work the forge in order to make some common items, if the blacksmith can him smith. The smith thinks he may learn some secrets of the dwarven forge.

Thane spends a few hours “relaxing” in the smith’s shop and forges two iron spikes (free!) I change the spike usage die from d6 to d8 on Thane’s inventory.

Thane was so busy at the forge, he forgot to look for other dwarves.

End of the day….I roll usage on the rations (fresh rations, may have been eaten or going bad) and pay the innkeeper for food and lodgings.

Note–I found myself thoroughly engaged in the setting. It was more than just record keeping and rolling some dice. The story went in some unpredictable ways and although this sounds funny…I was damn proud for making those two iron spikes!

More soon….

If you are enjoying the story, please consider visiting the Bureau of Dragons to get your License to Slay…You gotta be certified!

Thanks, John